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wedding colors

What is everyone colors for their Jan 2012 wedding?   I'm leaning towards some kind of orange and blue.   

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  • Our venue has a lot of dark wood and heavy gold color (drapes, chandeliers) so we are going for a more neutral palatte- white, ivory, champagne with touches of dark green and pale pink.
  • i LOVE orange and blue! i was thinking of doing it, but here in TX, it always looks like you are a longhorns fan. :)

    I am doing ice blue with white and peacock accents. :) i hope i can pull off chic and not end up tacky. :)
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  • I am having a black and white wedding, possibly with hints of silver here and there. I live in Wisconsin, and I think that with all the snow, it's going to look awesome!
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  • Blue and orange is an awesome color combo. It's different, which I love. I live in wisconsin as well, and black and white will be phenomonal! I wanted that, but the FI boycotted that right away. We're doing plum and silver as an accent. Some ivory as well :) 
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  • charcoal grey and probably light or bight pink.....can't decide
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  • I like the Orange and Blue. And I am using white and cream with pale accents of peach, yellow and purple against chocolate brown linens. I am getting married in a building with lots of windows so you will see winter and evergreen plants with a burst of spring inside. 
  • I am doing Charcoal grey with Navy Blue and Merigold.  Half the bridal party on the mens side will be in dress blues so I did not want to get to crazy with colors.  Also, I am an older bride and I wanted a more neutral/flattering color for all the ladies.  Originally I was just the grey and blue.  My venue coordinator suggested adding an accent color and I leaned strongly towards orange, but those are my college colors and I did not want people to think I was still living in my college years.  She said she had done an orange and blue wedding and it was simply gorgeous.
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  • Burgundy and silver
  • I was dead set on light blue and white for my winter wonderland themed wedding, but my bridesmaides and maid of honor did not think that light blue fit in with the winter theme so I changed it to Platinum which is like gray, and navy. I think I will have a lot of light blue accents.

    My maid of honor will be wearing navy and my bridesmaides will be wearing platinum. My one flower girl will wear plantinum and my other one will wear navy. The men will be in navy tuxes.
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  • I am doing red and black.  I am even wearing a red wedding dress.  And we are doing a gothic victorian theme, which doesn't quite fit in with winter, but eh, no big deal!! :-)

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  • i am doing silver/grey and teal/turqoise. :) And ivory and brown are in the mix somewhere but not main colors... It looks really awesome, so far.
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  • Hey Everyone!!!  I just got engaged (well a month ago) and I am really far behind all of you!!!

    I have a champagne sash on my dress (which dress is the only thing done) so I was thinking red (my fav), black, and champagne (maybe a light tan or a lighter gold?).

    However my future hubby really likes navy.  So I though Navy Blue, Red, and Champagene....but I want to make sure it won't become an "American" theme = red, white, and blue.  I love American, but not for a theme in Jan.  July would be cool though.

    Any suggestions?
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