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January 2012 Weddings

Life changes in the middle of everything!

Oh man, so.. where to start? We live in Orlando and are having our wedding in Orlando for sake of ease when it comes to planning and all of that fun stuff. Fortunately, we've been really lucky and planning has been a breeze and we've gotten a lot done.

Here's the problem: FI graduates from school in a month and is looking for jobs. He wants to be an editor (video, not writing) and ultimately we want to get up to St. Louis and settle down near his family. Problem is, editing jobs are hard to come by unless you're looking in LA or NYC and frankly neither of us want to live there so we've come to the conclusion that he should look for jobs in Orlando and St. Louis and where ever he gets a good offer, we will move. More unfortunate-ness is that I have a great job in Orlando... I mean I just love it. I'm a graphic designer and got this job shortly after graduating last August, great benefits, boss, the works... so it's going to be really hard to justify leaving. We just figure though that it's so much harder for him to find work than for me (esp now that I do have some experience) that if we find something up north we should just go.

With that being said, he's been in talks with someone in St. Louis for an editing job that would be a decent salary with benefits and vacation - woop woop. Problem is, if he were to get this we would:

A.) Be moving before our pretty much entirely destination wedding in Orlando to a place where most of the people we're making travel are living... which is just really unfortunate lol.

B.) I would be leaving my job.. but I can't really start looking until we know for sure if he gets hired because I don't want to jeopardize my current position, or get something before him up there and then be in the same rut we're in now... so I'm in limbo and can't do anything. I feel totally out of control. Because I can't start looking until he gets something, I will most likely be unemployed for a month which means I'll probably be living off of money I have saved for the wedding which is really, really sucky.

Don't get me wrong, I know I sound like I'm bitching about all of this but I would love nothing more than to move up there and be close to his fam. I love STL, his fam and the friends we have up there. It would be a nice change from the tourist trap that is Orlando. I'm just stressed that this might be happening in the middle of wedding planning... someone make me feel better lol :(
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