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Friday Confessions

I know we already did confessions...but I need to get this off my chest.

I grew up with this girl. Lets call her Mary. Well Mary and I have known each other since 3rd grade.  We became best friends all throughout school. I took her on my college visit because I didn't want to go alone and she even decided to go to the same college as me. My first year of college was rough.  I had an abusive bf. He ended it because he said I could do better. I knew it was right but at the time, it hurt soooooo bad. Then on the floor that she lived there was another girl. We became really close, and all of us would hang out. Something happened that year and they got into a fight.  I stayed out of it and never chose sides. Mary disowned me as a friend ever since. She is the one person I can't forgive.

ok fast forward...she is getting married this weekend and there are pictures of her shower and b party from last night. Mani pedies everything and it bothers me. I am not stalking her, its just on my newsfeed ALL THE TIME.  Sigh, I know it shouldn't. I had my day.  But it does. I know its horrible to say, but I wish she wasn't all happy. 

So that is my confession.  I am going to try to stay off facebook for a few days.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Friday Confessions

  • I would feel the same way too.......and I have. My childhood best friend and I are no longer friends. We were friends from the age of 8-22. Then she didn't want anything to do with me and stopped having contact with me. The sad thing is I don't even really know why. So I'll never have closure. I run into her from time to time and it sucks. She works in the local hospital and when I had surgery she was the tech to prep me for it. It was so hard for me because she wanted to chit chat like nothing was wrong. Also,.she became great friends with a friend of mine that I introducted her to and I see their pictures on facebook. It makes me so mad. I also get mad when I see her having a good time on her vacations. I always think, "that should be me with her" when I see her and her new friends. So I can relate for sure!
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  • I think we all have these feelings...:(
  • We do.... there are so many people out there I wish weren't happy.
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