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January 2012 Weddings

Say Anything Wednesday

The title says it all :o)

I get a pretty nasty reaction to bug bites. It starts itching then gets a hot red circle around it. Last time the one on my leg got to 5 inches wide! Well the bugs were at it again the night before last, I have 3 new bites. For now I'm keeping a close eye on them, if they are any bigger tomorrow, I am going to the doctor...again. Yell

Last night I asked FI if we could get married this summer (this question is commonly asked because I am impatient lol). He told me that he originally wanted to get married this summer (WHAT!?!) but was denied because at the time I said it was too soon to get everything ready.  I told him that is something that you just don't mention once and forget about it! So now I wait 7months and 2 weeks to get married when it could have been less than 90 days from now. Dang him! lol But I still love him.
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