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Ideas? Gifts For Mom And Dad?

We are almost done shopping for gifts for the folks involved in our ceremony. The plan is to give them out at the rehearsal dinner.  We know that in the long run, we'd like to give parents a photo album from our wedding day.  However, I'd like to give a little something at the rehearsal dinner.  I haven't really seen anything that my parents would use on the Wedding Shop suggestions (i.e. jewelry, bar accessories like glasses, etc).  Has anyone bought or made anything that's a little outisde of the box?  Just looking for ideas!
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Re: Ideas? Gifts For Mom And Dad?

  • We're still trying to get through Christmas....lol

    So far here's what we've bought:

    Her dad: ??
    Her mom: Coach purse
    Maid of honor: Yoga mat
    Bridesmaid: Guitar wall art
    Bridesmaid: ??

    My dad: ??
    My mom: ??
    Bestman: Wallet
    Groomsman: Something Steelers related
    Groomsman: A pen set
  • for my dad we bought a monogramed money clip - he uses a money clip, so he will enjoy it- we also got him an engraved Broncos pint glass

    for my mom- we got her a pandora charm for her bracelet

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  • We're gettings both our moms & dads the same things as the bridesmaids and groomsmen -- a morse code necklace for the girls and personalized beer mug for the boys. (yeah, I know getting the same gift for everyone is frowned upon, but it's normal in our circle.)

    Then we're also getting each of our parents a gift card for a nice restaurant -- places they wouldn't treat themselves to if they were paying normally.
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  • We cannot afford gifts for our parents or for the fg or the rb. We are only getting the bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. My Fi just said our parents WILL NOT expect a gift.
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  • No Idea what we are getting for ours. I guess for my parents, we got their wedding rings resized and fixed so they could wear them again.
  • My parents got a wine rack.  When they came to visit they mentioned wanting one.

    His mom got a bath set and gift card. We had no idea what to get her.

    His step mom and dad-a picture frame.

    His aunt and uncle got a gift card to his favorite tool store and she got bath/lotion stuff that she loves.

    RB-got summer clothes. His mom said that is what he needs

    BM-hair and make up done and paid by us, and a pashminea


    Readers-nail polish
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