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FMIL issues...need opinions! (kinda long)

So, last night my FI and his parents went to try out a restaurant where we are having our rehearsal dinner.  During dinner my FMIL (who I have always gotten along with very well) asked me something that irritated me.  Please tell me if I am being a bridezilla for getting annoyed...The first thing was that there happen to be 2 people in the family with birthdays in the month of January, however not on the same day as our wedding.   My FI's great aunt is turning 80 and his father is turning 60.  So, she wants to get a birthday cake and have the DJ do a big birthday announcement for them.  I just think this is strange to do at a wedding.  Have you ever been to a wedding where they acknowledged birthdays with a cake and everything??  But I mean what was I supposed to say?  So of course I said it was alright, eventhough I found it kind of strange.  

Second issue...after dinner we went back to their house and she had bought her dress she is wearing to the wedding that day and wanted to show it to me.  I was so excited to see it.  She has been saying all along that she wanted a maroon colored dress and I thought that color would look beautiful on her especially for January.  So she pulls out the dress and the top is stark WHITE and the skirt is black.  I mean is this innapropriate for the FMIL to wear to a wedding!?!  The biggest issue I have is that I ordered my dress in ivory because it looks way better on my skin tone than the white.  So now when I am standing next to her in my gown hers will be whiter!  WTH!!!  I just feel that I should not have to deal with this.  Why the hell didnt she just get the maroon color she has been talking about all along?  How did the sales person sell her this dress knowing it was for a wedding!  I am just very flustered about it...   
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