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Hey everyone! I am going to start dress shopping and am looking for any words of advice. How much is average spent on a dress? Where do you recommend to go dress shopping? I live in the Lancaster area. Also if you have been to any bridal dress shops what seems to be the price range there? As well as what was your experience like there?


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    I went to Davids Bridal, Premier Bridal, Renaissance Bridal, and Alfred Angelo. I'd say the majority of dresses at all of those locations are $1200 at the highest and below. I purchased my gown at Alfred Angelo for right under $1,000 and I loved it there. I went to the store in Harrisburg!

    Good luck shopping!

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    I got my dress at In White in Lancaster. The quality of their dresses remind me of dresses I'd see at Kleinfelds but for a fraction of the cost. With the veil and dress, I spent $1500.

    I also went to the Bridal Emporium in E-town, and although they have friendly workers, I didn't think their dresses were up to par with the ones I saw at In White.

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    I went to Classic Weddings (address is Lititz, but pretty close to Brownstown), Weddings by Paulette, and Alfred Angelo in Lancaster. I bought my dress from Alfred Angelo for $700.

    Classic Weddings:
    Great service, wonderful attention, the ladies here really know what they are talking about. There was a dress I loved there, but was unsure about, and they were so patient with me while I hemmed and hawed and asked my MOH and sister for their opinions.

    Weddings by Paulette:
    Steer clear! My appointment here was AWFUL. The shop was not busy at all, but none of the sales girls even asked what I was looking for. They just pointed to the racks and told me to pick out dresses I wanted to try on. Although they said the dresses were arranged by size, they absolutely were not. I ended up with a bunch of dresses in the wrong sizes that just did not work. I only spent half an hour here.

    Alfred Angelo:
    My consultant, Tori, was so, so sweet and very willing to help. The very first dress I tried on ended up being the dress I bought.  Great service, very patient girls, and I got my wedding dress in just 2 WEEKS. A word of advice-- make an appointment during the week. They are swamped on the weekend. They were great with follow up and very communicative. My dress looks awesome, and like I said, came in super quick.

    Good luck! Dress shopping was by far the best planning experience!
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    thanks for all the feedback this is all super helpful! I can't wait to start looking!
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    I think the important thing is for you to set a budget for your dress, veil, undergarments, and alterations BEFORE you step foot into a bridal store. Look online the stores you want to visit so you have an idea about the dresses they carry and write down some of your favorites. Next call the stores to make sure they have a good selection of dresses in your size and budget, no sense wasting your time if you go there and everything is out of your price range!

    I have enjoyed my experiences at David's Bridal in York and J & B Bridal in Chambersburg. J & B is a hike, but it was completely worth the drive. Just make sure you tell them not to show you anything out of your price range.  I haven't found my dress yet, but I'm going back to J & B and I'll let you know if I find any other good Bridal stores! Good Luck!
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    I highly highly highly recommend Bridals By Sandra in Nazareth. I got my dress their. They are very professional and helpful. If your consultant cannot help find the dress she goes and gets help from all the other ladies in the store.
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    I went to Premier Bridal in York and my dress was $1200.  I went to Simone's Bridal in Hanover for my bridesmaid dresses and thought they had a nice selection(but I had already bought my dress) and they had excellent customer service!
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    I went to All Classic Wedding in Lititz last week and I loved the selection.  I am a plus size girl so I was very happy to see the nice selection for me.  I am so tired of of seeing ugly dresses for plus size.  We got style too...
    anyhow, it was great experience and I really enjoyed it. 
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