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January 2012 Weddings


I explained this in a few post but we have a few new people so I will explain it again :)  Both can be WR or NWR.

Thorn-Something that you aren't excited about.

Roses-Something you are excited about.

Thorn- We got our E. pics back! (YAY) but FI doesn't care for them because he thinks he looks fat and old.  hehe So he doesn't want me to put them up on facebook. :(

Roses-Our STDs should be there this week, I start my job, and it was a super relaxing weekend.  FI took me to the zoo as a suprise to see the hippos.  If you can't tell, I love hippos!

Re: Thorn/Rose

  • Thorn- Now that it is bathing suit season I am super bummed because I look terrible. I've put on about 10 lbs this winter and it shows! (I'm only 4'11 and was overweight before the winter) I'm meeting a skinny friend at the beach today and even though I feel great about seeing her, I feel horrible about the way I look.

    Rose-Excited about mailing out our std's and making it "official" for everoyone.

    Hippo, that's cool that your FI took you to the zoo to see the hippos!
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  • Oh, i love this game!

    Rose - Spent an amazing weekend with my bestie and her family...I used to go down there all the time before I started dating my FI...but now I am so happy he has been there a couple times and feels comfortable enough there to go more regularly.

    Thorn - FI is not really jazzed about getting e-pics next weekend and is not being cooperative in planning them. UGH!
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