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Decided to let it go...

I talked to my supervisor, and she thinks I should let it go, because the schools are actually pretty different. I am going to complain though, but I am going to wait until after I go. I frankly haven't been very happy with much of my education from this department in comparison to the things I learned from the other department. 

I am also so not ready to leave the placement I am at. I love most of the kids, and my co-op teacher. I am also going to a different supervisor, who I don't know, and I love the one I have right now. But at least next week is spring break, so I will be on here a bit more. 

Re: Decided to let it go...

  • Maybe it is for the best. I understand not wanting to rock the boat, but they also need to understand that it is unhelpful to you.

    I hope you find peace in your new placement. If you ever wanna vent, let me know. I LOVED my first internship. Second one that I am in now-HATE.
  • I am so worried about that, because i loved my first one so much. But I contacted the teacher and she seems really cool, compared to the last one I had in the same district.
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