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January 2012 Weddings

Hi Jan 2012 Brides!

Hello Jan 2012 Brides!! 
It feels so far away now, but hopefully the time will fly by!  I had my first dress appmt at White Dress By the Shore and it was amazing!  They were so wonderful and OH THE DRESSES!!!  I was there when they had an Augusta Jones trunk show and they were so gorgeous.  I didnt purchase yet though, because it was my first time dress shopping and I dont want it to be over yet!  Even though I absolutely fell in love with a dress and will probably end up going back to try it on again!  It seems very early to purchase, because once you do you cant change your mind.  Have any other Jan 2012 brides already bought your dress??

Re: Hi Jan 2012 Brides!

  • i probably wont go dress shopping until early 2011. I have gone informally with a friend to try on a few styles.
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  • It's so great to be able to connect with other January 2012 brides! I was beginning to think I was crazy for wanting to be a winter bride!
    I have begun planning and conceptualizing my wedding, but have not gone wedding dress shopping yet. I plan to soon and I think by shopping in the off season, we will have access to some great deals!
  • Oh yes, very true about maybe getting some great deals on shopping in the off season.  I abslutley LOVE the winter themed wedding!  There is just so much fun you can have with it, like a snowflake cake, fun white feathery accessories for hair, and dont forget about the adorable winter jacket/wrap for over your dress in the outdoor pictures!  I just love it!  Also, I have noticed a significant discount offered from most vendors.  By having our wedding in the off season we are saving big time on the venue, DJ, photographer, and more!!  I am so glad I will not have to worry about sweating on my wedding day!
  • I haven't been dress shopping, and i am really excited to get some ideas from the "winter" editions of bridal mags. We were engaged last December, so I really should have gone to get a bridal mag then :) but i wasn't obsessive yet! :)

    I am going to start shopping around Christmas. SO excited! :)
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  • HI Ladies!! I am so excited to get to share my experiences with all of you as well. I got engaged this past December and I started thinking of ideas right away. I think I'm on a constant wedding high, lol!

    I've been dress shopping a few times and at first I found a dress and I would compare others to that one dress. Luckily, a good friend of mine took me to the shop where she purchased her dress and I fell madly in love with MY DRESS :) Since then, I've been back twice to see if I get the same reaction and the second time I loved it even more. I plan on going again so I can take my mom, sisters, and grandma. If all goes well I will be purchasing my dress buy the end of November. I know I'm getting married in the winter but I am considering spring pictures. I am still undecided. The important detail is that my designer discontinues many of the dresses at the end of each year, so I didn't want to loose out by waiting too long.
    I also, have seen discounted rates due to the off season. I love that we are getting married during a cold time of year, although all the honeymoon destinations aren't as warm as I'd like them to be.

    Sorry this is so long, haha. I'm just very excited! :)
  • How far along in the planning stages is everyone?

  • I bought my dress already but it was more of an accident than that I meant to buy it so early. After he gave me the ring my mom was so excited that we planned a day together to do girly things and try on dresses. We went to David's Bridal and it was the last day of their huge sale. The last dress I tried on as the store was getting ready to close fit me so well and it was on sale for about $100 off. We didn't want to miss the sale so we bought it then, now it has to wait in the closet for a year and a half! But at least I won't have to worry about it later.
  • Hello all!!! When are your wedding dates? and Where are you all getting married?

    Ours is January 27th '12 and we are in Central Florida
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  • Ours is January 14, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas :) I just purchased my dress this weekend! The lady at the bridal shop offered me $100 off the original price, so I took advantage of it!

    When are you guys planning to do bridal portraits? I can't decide if I want to do spring or winter with Christmas lights and such... any ideas?
  • My date is Jan 14, 2012 too!  I live in CT, where we actually get snow so hopefully it wont be a snow storm!!  My FI and I are planning on doing our engagement photos in the spring of next year. 

    On another note, I am 99.9% sure I have found my dress!  I just want to wait a couple months before I commit to purchasing it.  I am for sure going to rent a little white jacket for outdoor pics.  My bridesmaids will be in black dresses with  dark red/purple flowers.  My boquet will be white flowers.  We have our venues and photographer booked.  I think I will wait a little while longer to get started on the DJ and stuff.  So exciting!!!

    It is really nice to hear ideas from other Jan 2012 brides!  Any good ideas on certerpeices for a winter wedding?? I would love to do floral arrangements, but afraid they may be a bit too pricey.

  • I am soooo excited to see that I am not the only person planning for a January 2012 wedding. I work full time and go to school full time so I just had to start planning now. We are planning for January 21, 2012! I'm so excited. I'm in Las Vegas, so snow will probably not join us, but we are going for a snowflake theme.

    I think I have my dress picked out... I tried it on at David's Bridal and fell in love. I just couldn't bring myself to buy it since I have been dropping weight like crazy.

    Good luck in all your planning!
  • I have already bought my dress but that's because I stopped at a bridal outlet to look for bridesmaids dresses for my budget concious bridesmaids (and myself) and found a dress I liked and it was $50 so I figured I can always change my mind for that price but I do like it a lot. Hope Winter in Wisconsin is nice to me on my big day
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  • Hi Ladies, This is rather longwinded.. I apologize Laughing

    I'm getting married on January 14th, 2012, in Northern Massachusetts, I live/work in the Boston area. FI's bday is the 9th and we almost always have a snow storm on his bday, so I'm hoping for snow, but not a storm the day of.. We've been engaged since December 2008 and just set our date with the venue in June. I am extremely organized and have booked our venue (ceremony and reception) photographer & dj. I've met up with other knotties and bought table squares for under my centerpieces & crystals to adhere to the bouquets. I've gotten our favors, (place card holders) groomsmen gifts, cake topper, and my DIY card box is done, i've attempted some coffee filter roses, but will have to re-try those agian..  my attick is filling up quite quickly SmileI have been planning for a while so it's all coming together now that we have a date! We're also working with a relatively small budget so I'm working on finding deals and getting as much done as possible to be able to relax next year for the holidays! As for dresses, I probably wont even begin searching until after January.

    Hope the time flys by! Good Luck in your planning!
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  • I have my dress!!! I think once you fall in love with the dress and you know its yours you should buy it.
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  • My wedding will be Jan 14, 2012 in Corpus Christi, Texas...so no winter theme for us! We'll likely have a reception at somewhere on the Bay...so we're going more nautical, with blues, purples, and silvers.

    I haven't even looked at dresses yet! I have been engaged since Feb. but also have been going to school, transitioning from undergrad to grad school, and working full time (I started my job two days after the proposal...crazy weekend!). I haven't touched dresses and likely won't until at least Spring. I'm on a crazy workout plan right now and at this rate will end up in a dress several sizes different than what I'd try on right now...so I just don't see a point. I don't want to try on something that looks great on my body now...then actually have it look not as good as my shape changes. So for now I'm worried basically about venue...the dress will be one of my last decisions (I'm weird, I know!)
  • In Response to Re: Hi Jan 2012 Brides!:
    [QUOTE]@estegeman - I'm from CT too and getting married just 2 weeks after you, january 28
    Posted by heather0711[/QUOTE]

    Wow!! That is so exciting!  Do you have your venue picked out yet?
  • Our date is 1-14-12.
    In New Orleans,LA
    We have the church and working on getting a contract done with the reception hall has we speak.
    I'm in nursing school so I have to do things on breaks from school and sqeeze things in while i can.

    I have a few dress ideas picked out.

    BM dresses are probably going to be dark gray.
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  • Hey Ladies my future husband and I are getting hitched Jan 14th 2012 in Ontario Canada. I have started my hunt for the perfect dress. After trying on a few gowns I realized that I prefer the fit and flare style. The owners of the bridal boutique I was shopping at said that the recieve there 2011 dresses around Christmas-January and would be ordering numberous drop waist dreses. I`ve decided to graze around until Jan 2011 so I would have a better selection of dresses in the style I like.

    We (I) have decided to have a slight snowflake theme and use blues, slivers and whites to decorate the ceremony and reception venues. I`m planning on making dozens of twinkle/glitter branches to use as back drops. I`m hoping to save money on flowers by making the centerpieces and bouquets with bulk flowers (possible from Costco).

  • Hi Ladies!

    Our wedding will be on January 7th, 2012 in Baton Rouge, LA. I'm super excited! We've picked out the wedding and reception venue so far, and I have been browsing dresses online! I'm a graduate student so hopefully I can make it to the store soon to try on! good luck with your planning ladies!
  • Hi Girls,

    I will also marry on January 14th, 2012 in Panama, so ours will be a Summer Weding.  We've started planning and I made an album with all of our ideas and I keep a notebook for any idea that pop out :)
    About dresses I have seen a lot online and now I'm planning to go and try on some. I have appointments for Octuber 30th. The thing is that now we are living in Milan, Italy and we'll be back in Panama april next year, so it's very difficult to make deals from far away.
    I just want to be april soon, so I can start doing everything for the wedding!!!
  • Hey!
    I'm getting married January 21 2012!!! We're plannning a Vegas destination wedding! I'm soo excited! I actually got engaged in Vegas about a year ago and we decided just recently to dditch our plans of getting married in our hometown and plan a Vegas wedding! and I see I'm not the only January 21 2012 bride out there!!!
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