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January 2012 Weddings

WHEE!! only 8 more months til January!

I am so excited!! it's only 8 more months til January!! Just thought I would share my excitement! :)

Wesleyann posted about registries which made me wonder, when is everyone going to start looking at doing their wedding showers? I think we are going to do ours in September since I am in school and it's getting more involved the deeper i get. Plus the wedding is really close to the holidays and it seems everyone is always really busy around that time.
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Re: WHEE!! only 8 more months til January!

  • Hi Sosie! I'm soo excited that time is flying.  The holidays may be a bit of a curve ball for us January brides!  But I think we may be surprised to see that our family and friends will find time to fit us in!  They're sometimes more excited than we are, ya know.  October's a bit closer for you - that way you won't have such a big gap in time.  Maybe late October - early November may work.  If you have a fall break, that time would be good for you, but I totally understand your concern for school.

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  • I think my bridal shower is going to be in Sept and my bachelorette party is going to be the first weekend in Nov. We just had our engagement party this past weekend.

    I'm starting grad school on Wed so I guess I'll have to start taking that stuff into consideration! Yikes!
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  • Yeah, September is the perfect time since it's before you get into the semester and fall is one of those semesters you don't get a break -- since three days off in november is so refreshing when you are dealing with a major holiday! haha...

    We are doing our bachelor/bachelorette parties the first weekend  in December since we don't have any out of town bridesmaids/groomsmen.

    I hope the planning and stress aren't compounded by the holidays...that would suck! haha
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  • AHH! So glad time is flying also! But I haven't thought about this much yet! I have 2 out of town bridesmaids so i'll have to chat with them about attending and maybe doing SOMETHING right before the wedding depending on how soon they can come out or if they can afford to come once before teh wedding for it and then again for the wedding. But i am TOTALLY understanding that, that's a lot of money so we'll see. I will ALSO be in school, in my third semester of nursing so time is definitely something i do not have much of. ha I think over december break before the wedding sounds like a good time for the batchlorette party. And sometime before that around thanksgiving or prior for the shower. Really i'll probably have to have more then one shower because of the way it will work out with out of town family and then friends.....obviously i've not even started to figure this out. :)
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