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Career Path when TTC in 6 months... *long*

Hi everyone! I know we are all pretty much at a stage in our life where we are looking for the job we are going to keep for a long time. The job that will turn into our career. I stand at a crossroads. I know for sure I do not want to be in retail anymore. I also know I want to be in a field where I can work 8-5 during the week and have my weekends and holidays off. I know that while working in childcare provides the hours I am looking for it does not pay extremely well (I'm only getting $11.50/hour).
I have a Bacehlor's Degree in Elementary Education and my Florida Teaching Certificate. I taught Kindergarten in Pennsylvania for one year and did not like teaching it. I think it was more because the charter school I was at had a very accelerated curriculum and I did not feel it was developmentally appropriate. I was also suffering with depression which did not help my first year. My contract had been renewed right before I decided to move to Florida, so I left on good terms.

We want to start trying to have a beby this coming October. We would very much like for me to be a stay at home mom once we do have a baby. So here is the  question...
Do I just stay in childcare until I have a baby or do I start looking to get hired in a school and teach elementary education again? There is no doubt that we need the money I could potentially make if I get salaried at a school. But does it really make sense to start in a school, teach one school year, and then leave to be a stay at home mom? Please help talk me through this. I would have to start looking very soon if I want to get hired for the 2012-2013 school year. Thanks to everyone!
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