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Hello :]

Hi Ladies!

I'm newly engaged, and we just booked our venue for Jan 8 2012! Just thought I'd intro myself!

Literally just started planning everything!

Re: Hello :]

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    Hi! Congrats on the engagement! 'm getting married on January 7, 2012 in Orange County, CA. I just started looking at venues but I'm having a hard time finding places within my budget. Anyway, nice to meet you and good luck with everything! :)
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    I'm in Orange County, too! 

    we just booked our venue. its a little over our budget, but its worth the money. just trying to piece things together now so I have an idea about what we want. 

    good luck!
    Literally just started planning everything!
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    Hello and congrats on booking the venue already! I'm going to get married on the 7th, but still am trying to narrow down which venue is going to work best for me.
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    Congrats! I'm getting married on Jan 14. 2012. We have the church and reception venue. Im going to meet with the photographer on Dec 17., then I hope to meet with the caterer sometime in the begining of next year. I want to do the big things early so I am worrying about the small stuff at the end and am not stressing.

    As of yet I have been having dress fever and can't wait to go dress shopping! I'm trying to wait until March because i'm losing weight steadily. I am going on a mini dress trip with my friend in Dec. to see what types of BM dresses fit her and I may try on a few to see what looks good on me so I can eliminate a few styles.
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    Congrats! I am getting married Jan. 7th 2012, and have some of my planning done, but I'm still looking for the right venue! I have found that January is a great time to get married in New York, because its the "off season'' and there are a lot of discounts!
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