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January 2012 Weddings

Need your opinions!

Hi ladies! 

So originally, my fiance and I had picked black, silver/white, and a deep cranberry red as our wedding colors.  After meeting with our linen lady and looking a pictures I really disliked the red.  It just didn't come out how I wanted it to look.  Then we decided to just do black, silver, and white.  Those colors seemed to work well together for our formal wedding.  My latest project has been BM dresses and I have finally fallen in LOVE with my original pick which is a one shoulder Navy blue dress.  We still want to use the black, silver, and white. 

What I want to know is, do you ladies think those colors will be ok?  They are all dark colors so that's the only thing that worries me.  Granted we are getting married in January I think it will look so elegant and sophisticated.  Opinions, ladies? I think the white and silver will add a nice touch to the darker colors, but I'm just not sure.

I'm so worried about how it may turn out.
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