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Why oh why did I fall in love with a man with a mother that makes my life a living H.E.L.L. We have been together for 4 years now and I won't go into the specific details of our long history of why wee don't get alone.  Lord knows if I did that, I will be here for 2 hours typing.  But for your sake, we'll chalk it up to basically-She is crazy.

So, she tells my mom that she thinks I am mad at her and refuses to talk to me at my wedding. She also said that she plans to stay away from me.  REALLY?!?!  On my wedding to your son, you aren't going to talk to me or be around me.  Why come then?  I would love to not pay for her meal and her 8 friend's meals.  And why all of a sudden am I mad at your?  I have never liked you and you have never liked me, but now I get the blame for this relationship?

FI can't talk to her cause they aren't close.  He knows she needs seriouse counseling, but he doesn't know how to approach her going cause he knows that she will get all offended.

I know its probably a blessing but I am really hurt.  I have to be honest, its making me rethink marrying FI because I am so sick of this constant battle with her. Quit frankly, I don't want to deal with this anymore. 

Thanks for reading. :(
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