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Hello Everyone,
  Hope you are doing well . I have a question about table linen . The restaurant where we are having our reception has white table linens; however they do not go to the floor but instead at about mid-way to the floor from the table.  I'm gonna assume that the table linens should go down to the floor for a wedding reception. but I'm not sure. what do you all think?

Thanks in advance!

Re: table linen

  • I think it is a personal preference. If you think it looks good, you should not worry about it. :) one less expense. :)
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  • It is definately a personal preference!

    I worried about this for a bit, then went to a wedding with floor length linens and chair covers and kept getting caught in them, nearly fell getting up! Made me feel so much better about not spending the $18/table or $8/chair for covers. I am adding 18inch table squares to go under the centerpieces for a contrast.
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  • valkavalka member
    Thank you!   i think i will go with the midway length table linen.  We have to pay extra for the floor length.  
  • Shannon, i was thinking that would be really dangerous thing to have at a reception that has drinking and candlelight, like mine will. tee hee!

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  • us too! I want romantic lighting so i have a ton of candles! I really was stressing these things until I went to one and I also realized, the only reason I even noticed the chairs/table cloth length is cause I was debating it myself, guests are not that concerned with the details, and quite honestly if they do care,. screw them! :)
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