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Went to three florists today...

Today my bridesmaid and I went to three florist consultations. Here is a quick summary:

First one:  This place has been in buisness since before I was born. The owner, an older man, was very friendly to us. I showed him my picture of my dream bouquet which has white calla lilies and dark blue roses. He said no problem and he spray painted a carnation to show me how he could match the color. It looked okay. We went over everything else that I wanted and to my suprise it came to $550. I was very pleased when I left there.

The Second One: A well known shop in my area. The woman looked at my picture and said she WOULD NOT do it because she doesn't believe in spray painting or dying flowers. She was rude about it too. She tried to get me to agree on hydrangas even though I told her I didn't want them. She suggested delphiniums and I agreed that we would mix them with Calla Lilies. We priced everything out the same as the other guy and came up with $825. We changed the bridesmaids' bouquets up and made some other changes which brought it down to $750 but I was still suprised that it was two hundred more than the first guy!

TheThird Florist:  This is the place that provides the centerpieces for my reception. Nice lady. She said she can order the blue roses from Holland at $7 a piece. They won't be spray painted either. We worked everything out with those roses, calla lilies, and delphiniums. Her price came to $673 and that's including upgrading my centerpieces. I think that's a pretty good deal.

What do you guys think. I'll take any and all opinions! Thanks!
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