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FSIL/FMIL Drama (Somewhat WR)

A few people mentioned they wanted to hear my rant about my FSIL and my FMIL drama. So here it goes *deep breath*

To make a long story short: My fiance's 30 old sister who is married with 3 kids moved back into their parents house so that she would have free babysitters. Thats what it boils down to. She's not paying any rent (like my fiance and I are, as we are currently living with them for the time being). She doesn't buy her own food, do her own laundry or bascially do anything but sit her booty on the computer all day long (She's currently on medical leave due to a *finger* surgery. Not even that severe.) It's bascially a free ride. Everyone in this house has full time jobs and has no time to watch these kids on a daily basis. My FMIL can't say no to her. She's always been the "spoiled princess" of the family. The house is a mess, the kids are terrors and keep all of us up till all hours of the night, they severly injuried our two kittens that my fiance and I just got a month ago. But, I just let all of that go because I was very thankful for a place to stay and it's not my house, I don't make the rules. Well, this is the same sister that threw a HUGE FIT that we didn't specifically ask her premission for her two daughters to be our flower girls. But we did, is what gets me. We talked to her about it and she said that they could and were super excited about it. Well now she has this bitter taste in her mouth I guess when it comes to our wedding, because every single day my FMIL tries to talk to me about wedding, the FSIL gets up and leaves or makes this dirty face. I hear her making comments all the time. It just super irks me and makes me very angry on top of everything else. I think it's a bunch of bullcrap that she's living back at her parents house as a free ride, and now she can't be mature about a wedding on top of that. She had her chance for a wedding, two times as a matter of face. Both were big grand affairs. Ugh.

iWth my FMIL, she doesn't listen to ANYTHING I say. I tell her I want one thing, and she brings up another and starts making plans to do what she wants. She's trying to recreate her wedding. I've tried to very nicely talk to her but she still doesn't listen. My fiance has talked to her, with the same luck. She doesn't understand my wedding vision I think. It's just really frustrating to hear the same suggestions over and over again when at this point (Jan. 21st 2012 is my wedding) I have most of what I want nailed down. I don't mind the suggestions, I really don't, but she makes actually plans like she starts to contact people and book people without my permission. My fiance and I are paying for everything ourselves, and she's trying to save us money but some of the people she's contacting like caterer's, cake bakers, etc. are quite expensive, We also have both of those booked already. It's like talking to a brick wall and it's very frustrating.

The other thing she's doing, not wedding related, is she keeps pushing my fiance and I to trade our cars in for much more expensive ones that we can't afford at this time. Both of our cars are older (95 and a 97), but they have reliable and get us from point A to point B and back to point A. We plan on upgrading our cars sometime after the wedding, but we just can't do it now. My FMIL points out all these cars alongside the road or in the paper, and tries to talk us into it. It's super frustrating! AUGH! I don't know where she thinks we get all this money. Yes, we have full time jobs but after paying bills (that we still take care of ourselves) what we have left over goes right to wedding/our savings account for a new house and/or apartment (whatever we can afford at the time)

Thanks for listening all!

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