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Hey yall... Intro :-)

New Orleans girl here... engaged to a fabulous man from Atlanta!... He proposed Feb 12th--weekend before Valentine's day and my birthday (Feb 15) in one of our favorite spots--Destin Beach!  

We have been taking things slowly planning since my twin sister's wedding is this Saturday and I didn't want to "steal her thunder"... *gasp*  ;)  But was recently informed that January would be a good wedding month with our hectic work schedules!... So, here we are, planning a January 14, 2012 wedding!..

 So far, I have ceremony/reception venue booked, photog, florist, negotiating band, and bought dress today---so it's finally becoming real!......I wanted to keep it small or even elope, but Groomzilla insisted on a wedding  *BOOO!*........ How are you ladies?!... I feel like I'm so far behind compared to everyone else's planning. :(

Nice meeting you ladies :)

Re: Hey yall... Intro :-)

  • Welcome! I don't think you're that far behind at all! You have a good list of accomplishments considering you have been taking things slow!

    This board tends to be kind of slow, so please jump on in and post away! I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing all the fun wedding details!
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  • Welcome! I love your story! and yes, things are just getting going, and you are WAY ahead of where I am!! haha..we have been engaged for almost two years, so it's finally becoming real and getting moving around my place... :)

    It is a slow moving board, isn't it? :) i am sure that will change since we are all getting more done. :)
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  • Welcome!!! 

    Cute story!
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