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Hi all, I want to get a larger canvas print any suggestions? Has anyone else gotten one and if so how do you like it?

Re: prints

  • I purchased a deal from Living Social for a 20x30 but I've yet to order it. I got it for only $48--a steal! 

    Just a word of advice when you are creating it make sure you use the original file of the picture becuase the resolution will be too low if the picture is not big enough to be blown up. 
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  • Tara is right. You need something that at a 20x 30 size, or any size you want to print  is at least 300 ppi or dpi. I think they look nice, but I have never seen one or had one done.
  • My cousin has one from her wedding up in her living room. I haven't seen it up close, but it looks really nice from across the room. They can be pretty expensive so I would wait for a groupon/livingsocial deal or a sale at a photo site.
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