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January 2012 Weddings

Thorn and Roses

What is your thorn and what are your roses?  Its like a Rant/Rave.

Thorn-I am moving in less than a week across country, so I have a ton of packing.  And my super slow teachers are taking their sweet time to post grades.

Rose-I feel like I am way ahead on wedding planning. :)

Re: Thorn and Roses

  • Thorn- The stress of my budget. Worrying that I will not have enough money for the final payments.

    Rose-The happiness I feel every time I look at my fiance and know that I will be his wife!
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  • Thorn - 1) mother's day is not my favorite holiday. 2) I have an 8 page paper due monday that i can't even start. 3) i can't go on vacation with my friends because i will be in summer school.

    Rose - 1) we are making a [email protected]$$ brunch for my FMIL, which she always loves. 2) my FI is a wonderful and loving man who will make a great husband and father. 3) we found a new summer brew that is going to expand my waistline very quickly  (we have already been through three six packs in a week-- very unlike us...we don't really drink beer)

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  • Sosie, what is the name of beer? My FI is a bit obsessed with new and different beers.
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  • it is a Texas beer, i am not sure if they export it outside of the state. But if they do, it's Shiner Ruby Redbird. It is almost like a heffevisen (SP) with a punch of ginger. It's delish! :)
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  • I love this idea!

    Thorn- Stressing over money and PMS! I came to the realization as I was bawling my eyes out on Friday night because of the lack of money for the wedding that I did the exact same thing around this time last month. Awesome, PMS is encouraging my stress over the money! I gave my poor FI a heads up that we may have 7 more months of me bawling my eyes out once a month. Poor guy!

    Rose- My FI! You could tell that he was so upset because I was so upset on Friday. He did his best to tell me not to worry about it, He said he'd sell his DVDs and Magic cards and whatever else he had to to make this work. I told him that I didn't want him to sell the things that were important to him before I came around. He said it doesn't matter because now I am more important to him then those items ever were. AWWWW! I love him so much!
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  • Aww I love that rose! 
  • Thorn: Just like everyone else-Money stress! We have been great about staying in our budget, but it still feels like alot of money.

    Rose-Definitely my FI. He has been great about supporting me and telling me that everything will turn out okay. I couldnt ask for a better guy and cannot wait to be married to him :)
  • Kate504Kate504 member
    Thorn- that my FILs are not interested in anything but themselves and have no interest in this wedding. They are taking forever with their guest list and his mom doesn't work so it isn't like she can't sit down and do it, b/c she sleeps until 1-2 pm some days. They aren't interested b/c we have no drama.

    Rose- my parents and family are so supportive and are taking my FI in like he is their own.
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  • Boo...that's really sad...I hope you guys can work things out on his side...my FI used to tell me, you marry the person, no the family. hahaha...i think he is coming to realize he was DEAD wrong on that one. :)
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  • This is a great Idea!

    Thorn - Low Budget....Even Lower on the Funds.....Frown.   Facing a tough decision on whether to just do photography rather than photo/video just to satisfy the budget.  I really really want to have both with good quality for a reasonable price...Kinda hard to find though.

    Rose - I get excited when I think about the fact that my FI's last name will become mine!  He's the BESTEST!  I love that he's just as eager and interested in wedding as I am. 
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