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$$$ Stress

Is anyone else feeling the lack of money stress yet? Cause I know I sure am! It seems as though everytime I get a good amount of money saved towards the wedding something happens that isn't planned and the wedding money has to go towards it.

The money stress seriously makes me want to round up the immediate family members and elope!
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Re: $$$ Stress

  • ugh, I am feeling it....totally. We just put the deposit down on the reception this month and then things started happening which required tons of money. It's so disheartening to get to a point and then a wall goes up...but, ladies, we will perservere! We will have fabulous weddings and somehow it will all work out.... :)
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  • Definitely feel your pain....my issue is i set up my plan for saving throughout the year, and some of the big ticket items have to be taken care of around June.  Although the budget covers it - I won't have all of the money up front :(
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  • Are you guys finding discussing budget issues with the FI is an eruption waiting to happen? We have very different visions of what the wedding is and it's very frustrating. I feel like I am really giving a lot over that I didn't want to negotiate. But maybe I am just being a diva.
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  • Sosie... I agree with you on having different ideas of what the wedding should be. I've always envisioned a small wedding in Vegas. FI wants a large wedding to accommodate all his family and his mom flat out said Vegas was a tacky place to get married (makes me want to get married there all the more! lol). Unfortunately due to the size of the wedding (150) I have just come to terms that I will not be having a small wedding in Vegas but rather a large wedding at a historic mansion. I know it's going to all work out in the end and that regardless of where it happens I still get to marry the man of my dreams and that's the important part.


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  • Sassy, thank you...perspective is what I really needed right now. :) And in the end, it really doesn't matter if i don't get a dj or my guests get liquored up, it's that I get to marry my BFF! :) haha
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  • I completely know how you guys feel, but kudos for trying to keep it in perspective! It's really hard sometimes!  My FI and I are both about to finish college but money is super tight... it makes me wonder how people have those crazy extravagant weddings with hundreds upon hundreds of guests!
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