January 2012 Weddings

Really I had best of intentions!!

I really was going to focus on posting here more last week but that went right out the window when we got our state audit at work. It was interesting (my first time going through this at my new company) to see how they do things and now I feel 100% prepared for the next go round.

Last Thursday was the food tasting, it went well but I left very pissed off at FMIL. She is just so dang selfish sometimes and doesn't see it. They offered to pay for a hosted bar up to a certain dollar amount, I am very thankful for them doing that. However, FMIL has decided she will only pay for beer, wine, and sodas.. no hard liquor. I was miffed about this when FI told me about it but let it go. She picked out the wine she wanted and FI picked out the beer he wanted. I just sat there because I dont drink beer or wine (only hard liquor). All is said and done, we get in the car and FI tells me he talked to her last week and tried to get her to at least pay for hard alcohol for the bridal party. She absolutely refused. When he told me that I swear I was seeing red. So for my wedding I have to pay for my own drinks because FMIL will not pay for hard liquor. I could tell FI was going to approach his mom again about it but I said nope, what's done is done... she will not be purchasing any alcohol for me, I will pay for it myself (yes I have stubborn streak lol).

This week I have a consultation for alterations for my dress. I'm so excited to put it on again!

I really do miss you guys! Life just keeps happening and taking me away from here, grrr! Hopefully I will be around more!
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