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Hello, 01/12 Brides!

Hi ladies!
My name is Melissa - we just started planning our wedding and have decided on January 21, 2012.  I have always dreamed of being a January/Winter bride :)

We are military, so we'll be doing our wedding back on the East Coast (somewhere, not sure where yet) since we both have family in New York and Alabama.

I'm definitely finding it challenging to find a venue that is elegant and indoors.  We are doing either a turn-of-the-century victorian style, or a French Provincial style, and finding something within my budget and still historical and elegant is tough!  My first choice, right now, is Castle Ladyhawke in North Carolina. 

What else has everyone started doing at this point?
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Re: Hello, 01/12 Brides!

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    I am also getting married on the 21st!! It was my grandmother's birthday and since she can't be here for our wedding we thought it was perfect to have it on her birthday! My parents...well my mom don't think a winter wedding is a good idea, but we are going for it! 

    We have chosen our colors - light blues, whites/ivory and metalics (gold and silver)

    we are doing an elegant winter wonderland theme-snowflakes, crystals...

    I am going to my first bridal show this weekend so hopefully will get some more ideas there, but do have a few venues in mind.

    We have booked the church. 

    Have chosen some of our bridal party, but plan to finalize that within the next week or so, we want to ask them over the holidays. 

    I have looked at dresses, but don't plan on buying until the beginning of the year and won't really decide much until then. I feel like the dress says so much about the wedding and what kind of affair it will be that I don't want to plan much until then. 

    I've started looking at wedding bands...because I'm finding NOTHING that I like! A lot of jewelers are coming out with their new holiday pieces now though so it is a good time to look. 

    hope that helps :D
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    I love the sound of a "turn of the century Victorian" style...sounds so lovely! :)

    So far I have gotten the dress, purely by accident but still love it...and also got the tuxes chosen but not ordered or anything...I just had a good deal that I pounced on during a wedding fair recently so I locked in the 2010 price for the tuxes. I'm in the process of narrowing down venues, and I know that I want my colors to be crimson and charcoal... other than that, a lot of it is up in the air at this point!
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    He and I are both somewhat particular in our personal style, and we wanted a wedding that was anything but "traditional" (at least not for this century, haha!). 

    I'm getting ready to put the deposit on my dress in the next two weeks, and we're down to a choice between two venues at this point (one's a castle in North Carolina, the other is a local venue in Wyoming.. but a TON cheaper).  We spent the last week sort of finalizing our budget so I can start putting these plans into action.  I haven't asked my attendants yet, but I thought I'd do so around/after Christmas.  They all live far apart, so I'm not sure yet how I'll go about that.
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    It sounds like all of you have great plans for your special day! My fiance and I are making it official on January 14, 2012!!! I can hardly wait. We are going for a contemporary theme. Our colors are charcoal grey, black, and white. I may add a splash here and there of a deep royal looking red but I'm not sure. So far my two favorite things are my dress (which is currently being made) and my reception venue! I love the idea of a winter wedding although like Lauren, my mom didn't think it was such a good idea. Oh well, I've always been one to be outside the box :)
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