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January 2012 Weddings

Want to get married Jan 2012 - too late to start?

Hi All: I just got engaged less than 2 weeks ago! We are looking forward to getting married as soon as possible and thought we can make a January wedding work. Am I too optomistic to think all the planning can be done in a quality way in time? The wedding would be about 150 people, the ceremony in a church and hopefully the reception hall not too far away.

Also, where does everyone look for wedding inspiration? I am not a natural for wedding planning and all the venues have pictures in the spring and summer! I have no idea what a winter wedding will look like. 

Re: Want to get married Jan 2012 - too late to start?

  • Welcome and Congrats on your engagement!

    You have plenty of time to plan a wedding! I think most of us got the majority of our planning done in the first few months. Luckily January tends to be a less busy month so you should have venues options available to you.

    Look around on the knot for inspiration and google is your friend. To get an idea of what a venue you may be interested looks like during the winter try searching "winter wedding (venue name)".  I've seen lots of brides use light blues and silvers for a winter theme but that doesn't mean you have too! I'm using lime green and purple... not exactly winter colors but okay with me!

    Take a peak at the wedding theme boards, they have winter weddings that might give you some ideas.

    Glad to have you join us on this adventure! I look forward to getting to know you.

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  • Congratulations and welcome to the board!

    I think planning your wedding for January is definitely doable. I was able to research, meet with, and decide on my vendors in about a month's time. I think the only problem with a shorter planning time is that vendors might already be booked. However, since January is a less typical month for weddings, that's probably less of a problem.

    The Knot has a page for winter weddings here (<- LINK). There are some articles and links to photos of weddings of real Knotties who got married in the winter. Also, check out your local board for recommendations for vendors and venues.
  • Hello!


    You have plenty of time.  I would use your local board (on the left hand side of the screen) to get reccomendations.  That is how I found a lot of my vendors.  Once you figure our your budge that will help too.

    These girls are great!  Let us know if you need any help!
  • YES!  Do it!  You have plenty of time.  

    I started with a book that explained everything I ever needed to know about wedding planning....go to Barnes & Noble or somewhere and buy a pink and black book called "Bridal Bargains - 10th edition" It has been the best resource for me in giving basics on where to start, tips for dress shopping, ideas for reception spaces, important questions to ask, etc.  The Knot is good but was very overwhelming at first....after reading this book, I feel much more comfortable navigating the website.

    As everyone else said, January is a slow time of year.  You can still get whatever wedding vendors you need and often at lower costs.  My reception location (a brewery) gave me the space at 5k instead of the normal 7k during summer months!  That's all alcohol, tables, AV equipment...the whole package for 200 people.  Also, I'm personally not going with a winter theme of snow flakes, etc.  Just apple green, black and damask patterns.  Do what you want!!

    And, congratulations!
    Wedding bliss since January 14, 2012!
  • I think the first thing that you need to do is discuss this with the officiant of the church that you are marrying in. Some churches require a year lead time to a wedding...but if that turns out fine, I think it is definetly doable to pull off a wedding in that time frame.

    As far as my inspirations, I based them off of my venue... a ski resort with a rustic yet  industrial feel.
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