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Sunday Brunch?

So I know that Sunday Brunch is the logical conclusion to any wedding weekend but the potential cost is killing us! Any suggestions for places to have it in Tucson. Do you think anyone will notice if we don't have it at all? 

On the one hand we have several out of town guests that we'd like to see again that weekend on the other I'm having a hard time stomaching another giant catering bill. 

Re: Sunday Brunch?

  • luckyinloveazluckyinloveaz
    edited December 2011

    How cool, your getting married the day before me!

    How about something more casual like a bbq or something simple like making your favorite dish or having it catered at your parent's his parent's. How many people are you wanting to have attend on Sunday.

  • edited December 2011
    Well we've invited 165 people to the wedding we're not sure how many will actually show up to the brunch and we're afraid to announce it worried everyone will show up! We're hoping to gather just those who have come from a far. I'm so happy to share the day with you! (sort of) Maybe the eve. 
  • t.kaufmant.kaufman
    edited December 2011
    Almost all of our guests are from out of town and we are not hosting a sunday brunch... but I don't think my family has ever even heard of such a thing. haha. lucky for me. I can't imagine that anyone would notice if you did not have it.

    nother option: you could let everyone know that you will be eating brunch at such and such place and say that they are welcome to join you but that it is not a hosted event [not paid for by you]. We might be doing this... or we might also have our parents cook a bunch of breakfast food for everyone, which I think could be kind of nostalgic and sweet. I guess it depends on how traiditional you are...
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