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Hey ladies;

My wedding is March 6th, and I'm trying to find a cake vendor.  I'm aware of the more well known ones--Ambrosia, Busy B's, etc.  Is anyone aware of other lesser known vendors that are worth checking out??

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    My FI's cousin and her husband own Paradise Palate which is local here in Tucson.  They will be doing our cake!  Check out their website
    They have much more to offer than what is on their website and are more than happy to customize.  You can tell her Sonia referred you! :)  Good Luck.
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    Everyone has recommended that I use Village Bakehouse on Oracle. They said the cakes are wonderful and not very expensive. If my location didn't charge a cake cutting fee for using an outside vendor I would have used them.

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    I have looked into Basha's on Sunrise and Kolb. They have been recommended to me for both flowers and cakes because they do really beautiful work for reasonable prices. 
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    I have heard only good things about Village Bakehouse from my recently married friends.  We haven't gone to look at bakeries yet so I don't have any personal experience, but we're going to be going to Village Bakehouse for sure (as well as Busy B's, Ambrosia, and some others)
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    I have a tasting at Village Bakehouse tomorrow! I'll let you know how it turns out.

    I also have tastings at Busy B's and Ambrosia in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know what I decide!
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    Two words - Maribell Bakery.  My sister used them and we always get family bday cakes there.
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    I have a family friend that is trying to open her business!! She has been a pastry chef and cake decorator for many many years. She is an independant baker and prices are out of this world. Her name is Peggy Forrest and her phone # is 520-419-1275. She doees things for all over tucson. Please mention that I gave you her name. My name is Toni Chandler. Thanks and good luck!!!

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    Jenny, I know you know about Ambrosia already, but I wanted to let you know that's where we went, and people literally RAVED about the cake. We had SO many people who told us it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had. Even our friends who went to Busy B and Village Bakehouse said ours was better! And the owner is so friendly and easy to work with. I really appreciated the one on one attention she gave us. She also worked within our budget ($300 for about 100 people). We went with her suggestion of a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla for each tier, with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. No need to do fondant -- ours was really pretty without.

    She also has a cupcake shop at La Encantada and Casa Adobes if you want to taste with no pressure. The cake tasted exactly like the cupcakes. YUM!

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    Cakes by Koeppens!  They make wonderful cakes and are super friendly and helpful
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    Don't bother with Cake Boutique, they are in the 1000's and honestly their display cakes looked horrible. My favorite places are Busy B's and Maribelle Cakes. They are from 500-680 for a 4 teir fondant cake with bows for 150 people. Village bakehouse wanted $795 for our cake and Amborsia asked $600 for it for 150 people. So the reasonable priced and yummy cakes are Busy B's, Maribelle, and Amborsia. Village isn't too bad but $200 more then 3 other bakeries is too much and Cake Boutique is outrageous!
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    We're going with Busy B's, which is very reasonable, and the cake lady is so friendly, she's going to do exactly what we want!  Plus, the cake is delicious.  You might also look at Nadine's bakery, but it's probably a bit more pricey.
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