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I am looking for a good florist in Tucson does anyone know anyone that is good? I went to inglis flowers and wasn't too impressed. I just want a pretty basic bouquet nothing really off the wall or exotic.

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    My whole family here uses Mayfield, the owners (and eveyone else) are great..anything we've ever ordered has been absolutely gorgeous. We're going to use them for our wedding flowers. :0) Good luck!
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    We are going through Mary Bartok.  She owned a florist shop for years in Tucson.  She's retired, but still does it out of her home just because she loves doing it.  Her work is really pretty, and she came up with great ideas for our wedding.  Best thing is she has no overhead to pay, so her prices are really reasonable.     

    Just fyi, i'm doing a large bouquet with pink roses, pink mini calla lillies, and waxflower.  She's going to make a nice custom wrap for the stems.  groom's bout is blue delphinium.  BM bouquets are roses and wax flower.  

    Also fyi--our venue recommended evergreen florist.  We just knew Mary through family members, and we preferred to go to someone who our family could vouch for in terms of work she's done.
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    I will have to look through her stuff. I want Calla Lillies and that's it. BUT I want the the black , burgendy, and burnt orange callas. I will check out the other places as well thank you guys :)
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    Elaine Fine Floral
    -The Future Mrs. Rystrom
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    I'm using Discount Flowers where the owner sells the flowers wholesale. It was the best price I found in town where I met with 4 other people.
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