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im planning on a December of 2012 wedding. When should I start planning? I have a venue but im not sure if i should keep going or if i should hold off till six months before the wedding. Can i have some ideas on when to start the main planning for a stress- less wedding planning experience.

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    I am not really sure but I am planning a march 2013 wedding and have already started planning/price checking. I ask if they will offer an early booking discount.

    What venue did you choose?
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    I don't think anytime is too soon. I am planning a April 2013 wedding and have already started getting estimates and shopping around for the best prices.

    What venue did you choose?
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    I have started planning somethings already and my wedding is goign to be in early March 2013. This way my FI figure we can do things little by little instead of having to do everything all at once. Much less stressful.
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    I think you should start now. I mean i'm a month a way and i have so much still to do and i'm going crazy so start now.
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    I'm getting married in May of 2013. So, that is a year and a half away... but one thing most vendors offer is if you sign the contract now and prices go up your locked in with the previous price. So, say you find a videographer you love. Packages costs $1200. Awesome. You wait and it goes up $500. Well, if you've already signed the contract, you're locked in at $1200. Now, this DOES vary by vendor. You MUST MUST MUST have them assure you that your price is locked in IN WRITING, but that's just one perk to planning ahead. I haven't booked anything and won't for at least 6-9 months because I'm saving right now, but it's worth keeping in mind! :) Plus, your wedding isn't all that far off! That year will BLOW by!
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    Something else that is "never too soon"?  Life insurance!!  Never too soon to get it for yourself and your future spouse :)  There's a website where you can answer a few basic questions and get a rate quote comparison among major life insurance companies. I work for this company and we help a lot of people:
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