How sad

I do offer my advice free of charge no ulterior motives! If you need my services great. If you just need advice no problem! I am a minister 1st and formost I try to serve the lord. So sorry if I offended anyone by posting!

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    Just some advice for the boards, then... if you truly want to offer your support and advice to local brides, and advertising your service is not your primary motive for coming on the the board, I would keep any talk about your business to yourself on the public boards. If you happen to speak to someone who might want to learn about your services, do it in a private message. The moderators of these boards do take the rules and etiquette seriously, which they very well should. While I am sure that anyone can respect your need to support your business, this is not the place to do it. That being said, we brides appreciate all the help and advice we can get. So if that is what you are here you, then welcome! :)
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