Acacia and Tucson botanical gardens

Has anyone here had or been to a wedding at the Tucson botanical gardens.  I like the gardens and I think the space (porter hall/reception garden) is nice but I am really wondering about anybody's experience with Acacia catering? The food soind great and the prices SEEM resonable but I am afraid of hidden charges and fees.
Please help! i dont want to be surprised with a huge bill at the end of this!

Re: Acacia and Tucson botanical gardens

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    Hi Manduria, I've been to two weddings at the BG, both were very pretty. The ceremony/reception area is small but if you have less than 100 people it's fine. It's great because your guests can wander the grounds after the ceremony while pictures are being done and it keeps them from getting bored. I know I enjoyed myself at both. Sorry I can'nt help with the catering question, both times I was there the couple had catering brought in from another company.
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    thanks for your reply.. that is a good point a bout guests being able to wander around if there is any down time!

    Please, if any one else still has info or experiences with Acacia please let me know!
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    I am also considering the venue.. was wondering the same thing.
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    We are getting married there in February. I met with the woman at acacia and she seems pretty reasonable. if you contact acacia's catering department, they will email you a better price guide than what they hand out at TBG. it seems that many of the things are a bit more, but she said they will honor all of the info on the TBG form as well (some details, like whether iced tea was included in a package, were inconsisent). Of course, any caterer will be happy to sell you a more expensive package, but the extended version also had a budget- friendly mexican buffet option, and lots of flexibility as well. Acacia is a pretty reputable caterer from what i can tell. they have their restaurant and they also run the Tohono Chul catering as well. Additionally, she said she was happy to help coordinate linen rentals since they are not included at TBG.
    Hope this helps!
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    I'm getting married at the BG in April.  We're doing our own catering from an italian restaurant I love.  We've got about 95 people, which should be fine for Porter Hall.  It's really quite beautiful in that area.  I suggest looking around at varying catering prices from around town before you decide on Acacia.
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    wiat.. i thought you HAD to use acacia... is that wrong?  we can choose our own caterers?
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    I know 3 different couples that went through El Molinito for mexican instead...unless something's changed that I haven't heard about. Yout should give the BG a call to double check! :)
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    So i looked into it and the TBG said we could bring in our own food in unmarked containers but that we couldn't use other caterers... so..I'm still kinda confused about the whole thing but I think i am just gonna go with acacia anyway so i'm not going to worry too much about it.  Thanks to everypne for the info-For those brides who will be having weddings there next year please write a vendor review after your big day. I would love to know how it all went!
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