I Need Make Up Artist Feedback

I am thinking of going with Khara Williams for my make up and hair. I have a trial with her next week. Any feedback on her would be great!

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Re: I Need Make Up Artist Feedback

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    Hi Rachelleblock,

    I was going to use Khara myself...met with her and everything and she was absolutely amazing. The day I called her to book her she told me she was going to be out of town the weekend of my wedding. :(
    I was referred to her by two of my friends that had used her in a wedding, and they raved about her. If she's available on your day, you are so lucky and I'm so jealous you get tu use her, good for you! I'm totally sure you'll love her and what she does for you!
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    Thank you! I met with her and she is AMAZING! I am signing my contract tomorrow. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK!
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    Khara has done my hair for the last few years and also did my hair and makeup for my wedding.  She is AWESOME!!!!!  She is a sweetheart!
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    Im hoping to have a trial with her soon, does anyone have any pics of wedding pics or trial with her.

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    All I have to say is I did my trial with her and she did such an amazing job. She was very easy going and a lot of fun to be around. I LOVED my nmake up and was sad to wash it off. She definitely knows how to accent your best features. She is amazing!!!!
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    She did my hair and makeup. Photos in bio.

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