Hi Ladies!

I have the dress but still need to find shoes and jewelry...where did y'all go to get yours? Besides the place where I got my dress Maya Palace, which has amazing dresses but everything else is a little crazy for me and Macy's I'm pretty clueless...Help!

Re: Accessories?

  • I got my shoes at DSW. I am wearing silver sandals because I wanted to be comfortable and because my fiance is only an inch taller than me. They have a lot of nice dress shoes in a various colors. I was just in there the other day and they seemed to be getting ready for spring also, so if you want flats, they might have some more options in soon. 

    For jewelry, I can't help with. I will be wearing pearls my parents bought me. I did buy my hair pins online through etsy. They have a lot of different stuff if you are looking for something specific. I know JC Penny's sometimes has sales on their jewelry. 

    Good Luck!
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  • I've seen lots of cute jewelry at Maya Palace (it was the location on Ina).  Also, Alfred Angelo has shoes and other accessories such as hair pieces, etc...  Dillards has a bridal section by the other jewelry.  If you want to shop online, I am obsessed with this website for shoes: 

    Hope this helps!
  • I got my accessories at Laura's bridal, they have tons to choose from.
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    I purchased my shoes from Davids Bridal, my veil and dress from Alfred Angelos and my jewlery from and

    I was so worried about getting jewlery off the internet but it was so wonderful!. I ordered a necklace and earring set from usabrida as well as a bracelet. I didn't like how the necklace looked with my dress...the pearls we just too large and the necklace and earrings were poor quality. I followed the return process and received a full refund in about 10 days but I decided to keep the bracelet. Then I went with a necklace and earring set from and they are AMAZING.

    Usabrides delivery was fast and cutomer service was great however the necklaces' pearls did not match in color with the earrings. The two are of the same design and are ment to be worn together. The packaging was pretty bad all the pieces were wrapped in celaphane which was a little too small for the jewelry. One earring wouldn't stay in my ear while I was just standing looking in the mirror. Also a small part of the metal on the necklace was black instead of silver. I know the metal is plated because it is costume jewelry but for the price I paid I still expected better. I do not recomend this set from The pictures make the piece look better than it does in person and overall I was dissapointed with them...

    Tejanis delivery was slower but I placed the order the saturday before MLK day so I think thats why it was slow... but everything still arrived within the correct time and is in perfect condition. I can not find one flaw at all!. 

    If I were to recomend one company over the other I would recomend Tejani. The product came in better packaging and seemes of better quality eventhough I'm sure both companies buy their jewelry from the same warehouse. I felt like I got more for my money because I bought online. Jewelry is kind of my thing so for my wedding it needed to be special. I would have paid more money at Alfred Angelo's and would not have been able to purchase a bracelet for the same amount of money that I spent on-line.

    Both companies have STRICT return policies. Make sure you read and understand before purchase. 

    Eventhough I ordered a bracelet from usabride and a necklace and earring set from Tejani everything perfectly matches and is just breathtaking! The pictures online do not do the Tejani jewelry justice! They are something I will own forever and hopefully will pass down to my children! I can not wait to wear them on my wedding day! Below I've added the links to what I purchased! 

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