Budget Wedding Venues Central PA/Bucks County ... Can we make it under 10 grand?

Alright ladies!

I've been searching for the past two weeks (we just got engaged 6/9/12 whoo!!) for wedding venues in Central PA/Bucks county that can fit into our budget. Neither my fiance (eek!! still makes me smile saying it) or I feel comfortable laying the costs on our parents, so we'd like to pay for as much as we can ourselves! Lucky parents huh? :)

Here's what we know - we'd like to have an outdoor ceremony and tented (or indoor whichever works) reception in October 2013.

Here's what I'd like to find out!

1. Are there any all inclusive venues (meaning site, food, alcohol, tables setup etc etc) in the area that are under 10 grand for 150 people?
2. Are there any just gorgeous and outgrageously cheap venues for a ceremony and reception?
2a. If there are - any recommendations on cheap vendors for catering etc.?

Is this budget wedding simply a wish or is it possible?

Thank you so much for your help in advance :)

The future Mrs.Fox

Re: Budget Wedding Venues Central PA/Bucks County ... Can we make it under 10 grand?

  • Congratulations on your engagement!  I love your sense of humor.. a total must have when planning a wedding:)   I don't know of many but what about Chester County?  There is a location called Columbia Station which was an old train station.  Looks pretty cool:)  The easiest way to stay under 10K for 150 people is going to be keeping your food expense down.  Have you thought of getting married on days other than Saturday or doing an early wedding?  Also maybe serving heavy h'orduerves rather than a sit down meal might help?  Put your budget where it's important and cut elsewhere.. we had a 10K and ended up going over because great chow and a great photographers were musts for us.  Good luck and the boards are awesome for help:)
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    The Riverdale Manor is rather inexpensive believe it or not when you break the price down. It is a $6000 minimum for food (we stayed at this amount and got a 4 station buffet for 100ppl - you could drop a station choice for 150 people to keep it lower - believe be there is plenty of food) but a rental fee of $1800. So right there you are up to about $8000 for venue and food. The only thing they don't include is alcohol. If you just do the wine and beer bar which we are having, we spent about 600-800 dollars for the drinks for 100 people. If you add your own DIY decorations (you won't need much since Riverdale is beautiful by itself) then you've got a wedding!
    We looked at places like the Eden Resort, Cameron Estate, Harmony Hall, etc. They appeared cheaper but the Riverdale ended up being less expensive. I did book about 1.5 years ago so the prices may have changed. Also they book fast so call them ASAP. My wedding is in July so the summer rental fees are higher during the summer months. If you choose an off season time the prices are lower.

    Happy planning!

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  • Riverdale Manor also has a winter wedding special...the ceremony cost is waived ($350) and you get a $250 credit for linens. They still have dates available winter 2013. We chose to do our wedding 1 week earlier and got these discounts as well as some vendor discounts which adds up to a lot of savings quick!
  • Thank you so much Ladies!!!

    @slpankuch -- I definitely love Riverdale Manor, but unfortunately his cousin literally just got married there so we don't want to have another wedding in the same place for basically all the same guests haha! But as a side note for your wedding... it's going to be so gorgeous, trust me! The pavillion with all the lights was just magical ... and inside with the reception was so beautiful. The food was TO DIE FOR and it was a magical night ... enjoy it!!

    @kah5216 -- that's such a good idea! I didn't even realize you could get discounts in the Winter ... I have absolutely no problem with a white wedding ;)!! Thank you for the idea!!

    @Shutterbug -- haha thank you! With wedding planner it's either laugh or cry ... or get violent and I chose the first one haha! We defintiely would love to try to do a Friday wedding but it's just so hard with all our family membes and friends coming from so many different places! They would basically have to take the day off work to travel, sigh. I definitely like the idea of just doing heavy h'ordeurves though!! That would definitely come to a better budget for food ... our friends will care more about the dessert and  the drinks anyway haha!

    Thank you ladies for some fabulous ideas!! I truly appreciate it!
  • The Carlisle barracks have a few beautiful venues. We checked one out for same number of people and all together it would have been 5000
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