Help with flowers

Flowers are probably the thing I have researched least, mostly because I don't know where to start. I have no idea what I should expect to spend or where might be good to go and get a quote.

I will only be needing my bouquet, 3 BM bouquets, and 3 boutonnières. I tried to convince FI to let me DIY the BM bouquets and the bouts, but he wouldn't let me. LOL. Luckily, I am sticking with roses only! Which should make it a bit less expensive from what I hear.  

Please help me with any suggestions you can. Where are you getting your flowers from and how much are they costing?

Also... this may seem like an odd question, but, uh, how/when do we get the flowers from the florist? Do we pick them up? Do they deliver them? How does that work usually?
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Re: Help with flowers

  • luckyinloveazluckyinloveaz member
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    I myself am using red roses, I still have some time to research the cost etc.. I hear these are expensive. I knew I wanted roses without thinking about the cost. I just ordered a catalog from ingilis florist. Nothing much more than that. I know you can order roses in bulk at costco, sam's club. Not sure of the cost tho..

  • Austen2010Austen2010 member
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    We are using Evergreen florists at 22nd street and Swan.

    We are picking up buckets of flowers from them the day before and they are making all my bouquet, 3 bm bouquet, 5 bouts, and 3 corsages. The bouquets are roses, and I am getting centerpiece flowers (white carnations and pink daisies), rose petals for the aisle, and rose petals for the tables.

    I think our esitmate was for around 400$ for all.

    I told them I was on a budget and they are really willing to work with me.
  • asem_22asem_22 member
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    I ordered mine from Xochimilco Flowers and the total cost was $550 including delivery and set up for the following:

    My bouquet: All red roses
    4 BM Bouquets: red Gerber Daisies & white roses
    4 GM Boutoniers: white roses
    FI boutonier: red roses
    3 miscellaneous corsages & 4 additonal boutoniers: all spray roses
    Rose petals for the aisle and stairs at the altar, the flower girl basket and about 25 tables

    I did use a couple of different colors and flowers so this probably made the price a little more. Hope this helps! :-)
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    I ordered 125 white roses from and they were perfect. The cost me less than $90!
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