Arizona stay-cation suggestions!

My fiance and I are pretty much funding our wedding and honeymoon ourselves, which means that we won't be able to afford a honeymoon that's more than a couple hours' drive away.

Does anyone have any awesome stay-cation suggestions? Northern AZ, Southern AZ, Central AZ, whatever. We're looking for some affordable options that are local and can occupy a week's time.

Re: Arizona stay-cation suggestions!

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    I don't have any specific suggestions for places, but FI and I were also considering something like this, since we are in the same situation. We thought about Sedona, since neither of us have ever been there. Or a cabin in Pinetop or someplace cool and woodsy.

    Good luck and let me know what you find!

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    go to the pointe! i love it there!
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    Rocky Point
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    I was going to suggest Sedona. I have only been there once as a kid but I thought is was so beautiful!
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    Sedona is beautiful but it can get expensive. Flagstaff is a fun college town and it is easy to drive 45 minutes to both Sedona and the Grand Canyon, plus Flag is much more affordable and has a cute downtown.

    The White Mountains are a lot of fun too but a very relaxing type of trip. Be prepared to have a quiet week.

    I hear Bisbee is really cool and sometimes they have fun festivals.

    My parents spent a week in Cochise Stronghold down south and found an adorable bed and breakfast that was very isolated and amazing. They said it was beautiful and it was the perfect way for them to spend their anniversary.

    Just some ideas! Good luck! I am sure wherever you end up it will be amazing!

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    My parents stayed a weekend in the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee and thought it was the bee's knees. I went up and visited them on one of the days. The town itself is SO interesting, even if you're only looking at it. It was fun to walk it, see the cute houses. My parents took a tour... I think the company was called something like, Lavender Jeeps. They really really enjoyed it. We went down one of the mine shafts which was really fun and then later took a ghost tour. haha! We all had a blast. It definitely is a unique place to visit.

    My FI and I are considering staying in a cabin up North somewhere. I just googled something like "cabins in Tucson" and some really great deals come up. Depending on when you're getting married or when you plan on honeymooning, you could really get a bargain.

    good luck!
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    Tombstone is really nice, actually.  It's a kind of artsy fartsy town and when you're not doing other things, you could be walking around together doing the shops.
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    Also, you could do Sonoita, AZ wine country.
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