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We are getting married next Saturday (14th) found out yesterday the alterations lady royally screwed up my now have to pray somebody else can fix and start to shop for a new one :/
We are coming down one Tuesday and need to find a place to get whatever dress i end up with steamed, any recommendations???
Also need tanning salon with decent bronzing beds?
Oh and on top of it all--found out that i paid 90 bucks for a makeup trial run last time i was in Charleston at Powder Puffs to Brushes in Shem Creek and after trying to call and email for the last week, finally got a response that said she moved to la and they have no appointment for me on my wedding day :(
So anybody know of any airbrush makeup artist available next saturday????
I AM SO STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I feel your pain about the Powder Puffs and Brushes place. I made an appt with them for a mani/pedi a week in advance.  I got a text message confirming my appt the day before, and then when I showed up the next day there were two women packing everything up in boxes telling me that they are shut down.  I was BEYOND pissed b/c I wanted the mani/pedi for my bridal shower. 

    You can give my airbrush makeup girl I used for my wedding a try to see if she is available.  Her website is  Her name is Elina and she is a super sweet girl.  I'm not sure of her availabilty though.

     As for somewhere you get your dress steamed, you can try Coastal Carolina Cleaners in Mt Pleasant in the Whole Foods shopping center.  I took my dress there to get it cleaned after our wedding and they are really nice people.  My bridal salon recommended them.  The only thing I can't help you with is the tanning bed.  Given everything else that you are stressed with, you might just want to forget about tanning at the last minute to save yourself some sanity.  There are plenty of tanning salons in Charleston though if you just do a quick google search, Ultra Tan and Sun Station are some of the bigger, nicer chains.

    Good luck with everything!!!
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    You are the best!! Thanks for the suggestions, they were very helpful!!! 6 more days!!
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    Hey, try Elyn at A Charleston Event and Bridal library. I have no idea how much it is or how fast the turn around is but it's worth a shot.

    Good luck girl!!
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    I would go to Ultratan.  I use them pretty regularly and they are very helpful, salons always clean and they have a lot of different option

    As far as steaming goes, I'd use Cacky's Brides Aid.  I found them on a blog and plan on using them for my dress and all my girls are using her too.  She's very reasonable and is even picking up my dress from the alterations shop and bringing it day-of to the hotel when we get ready.  I've heard nothing but good things about her.

    Hope everything goes well!
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