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I'm Married -- Vendor Reviews

Photographer -- Shelley Hough Bella Amore Photography -- A+. Could not have chosen a better photographer for the price that I paid.  Very, very happy with her work.Wedding Coordinator & Rentals & Bar Services -- Jonathan Kiser with Group Dynamics -- A+. Great to work with very easy going and adapted to my changes even a few days before the wedding!  I can't say enough about Jonathan and Katie. They made my planning care free and took the stress away from me! It was great not to have to worry about the small details.Hair -- Eleven Eleven Salon -- C.  Kim did a nice job on my hair but it fell flat within a few minutes after doing it.  My moms fell flat also.  I was pleased with her work, but I think I could have probably done the same thing to my hair for free.Makeup -- Ellen Wilkins Charleston Makeup Artist -- A+. Ellen was a PLEASURE to work with. Her work was great and she was awesome.Caterer -- Jim Tuxworth with SBQ Catering -- A.  Jim was easy to work with and the food was great.  I think his estimates were a little off (we probably could have ordered a little more food to be safe -- either that or my family loved the food-- which I guess is a good thing).Cake Baker -- Stacy Butler with Lady Fingers LLC -- B+.  The cakes and desserts were AMAZING.  Stacy was a little hard to get a hold of and also closed her shop after I had already signed a contract with her (which made me a little nervous during the planning process) but she DEFINITELY delivered quality goods.  The dessert bar was a HUGE hit! If it weren't for the planning process she would have knocked it out of the park.DJ -- DJ Marino -- A. He did his job and people were dancing and had fun.  I was very pleased with his work.Florist -- Charleston Flower Market -- B.  It was extremely difficult to contact them after I signed the contract. I called four times in one week before I reached someone who could help me with my order.  They delivered on time but my bouquet was much smaller than I expected.  They were the correct type and colors and were still very pretty for a beach wedding.

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    please contact learning that im pretty bad with the knot...i just dont seem to have the time...could you please email me i have few questions for you about the citadel beach house!! thanks so much! congrats on the wedding, im sure your breathing easier now!!
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