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Hello and welcome to the Charleston board on The Knot! I'm Julie/sil2op, the moderator for this board.If you're new here, please feel free to introduce yourself, tell us what your role is in the wedding and when & where the wedding will be.Everyone on the board is very welcoming and helpful, so don't be afraid to ask questions.For a listing of the Charleston Knotties, links to their planning and/or married bios, and other information please visit: general Knot-related questions, you can visit the Knot Library board ( you have any other questions you can page me on the boards (you can "page" any knottie on a board by simply using their name as the title of the post). Do keep in mind that posts paging a knottie are not private so don't say something you don't want the rest of the board to see :)Welcome to The Knot and Happy Planning!
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