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South Carolina-Charleston

The HIstoric RIce Mill

We have decided to use the Historic RIce Mill Building for our Wedding March 24, 2013. We have approx. 150 guests. I won't be able to tour the facility before I give my deposit so I would like to know if anyone has had a wedding/ceremony there? Is the space open enough so guests can feel involved in everything going on or are the rooms too divided that you feel secluded?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The HIstoric RIce Mill

  • Are you planning on having a reception style event or a seated dinner? I toured the building with about that many in mind and with seating for everyone you will be limited to a plated dinner and everyone may be in the same room but probably not have a view of the entire room. If you are doing a less formal meal you will probably be in great shape. Also, make sure you budget for parking or let your guests know about it in advance!
  • My friend Bri had her wedding there in July and she had about 160 guests with plenty of room.  It didn't feel real cramped.  Parking was an issue,but she shuttled people in from a parking garage.  So you might want to look into that.  You didn't have a view of the entire room because it was more of a formal type dinner.  As mentioned above you should be ok if it's less formal.  Here is a link to her wedding photos from her photographer.  You can get a sense in the last photos in the post of the size and get a feel for layout as well.  Hope this helps Good Luck!!!

  • Thanks so much. I'm having more formal sit down more than likely because my wedding is black tie attire. I'm hoping we only end up with about 125 guests to be honest. Thanks for reminding me about parking, and yes I did have the shuttle in mind. Last thing, with it being black tie, will the men be too warm in their tuxedo jackets inside? I'll open to any other venue suggestions as well, but I'm sure I've researched them all. Cheers
  • That was the one thing I worried about going to any wedding in July here was the heat inside.  It really wasn't that bad.  It did get a little warm as the evening went out, but it was 92 earlier in the day.  So, I expected to have a little heat to begin with.  March should be mild so you should be ok inside with tuxedo jackets.  Most of the venues i've been too I probably wouldn't highly recommend.  This was one of the better ones

  • I enjoyed seeing your friends' photos.  I'm curious about their cake. What kind of cake did they have?
  • I toured the Rice Mill and I ended up having a wedding of about 150. I know someone else who had a wedding there with about that number as well and some guests complained that it was a little crowded. I was a little turned off by the fact that everyone could not be in the same room at one time as it is somewhat sectioned off.
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  • I am considering a wedding reception at Rice Mill this coming August. While the venue is air conditioned, I have been informed that it may get a little hot. Has anyone been to a wedding there in August that can offer me some insight?

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