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My wedding was 9/3 at the Veranda at Magnolia Plantation - everything was so perfect from the weather to all of my vendors that I just had to write a review on here!

Shannon Michelle Photography - 
Shannon was WONDERFUL!!! She was so sweet and such a joy to work with. She was very responsive to emails and totally willing to help us customize a package to fit our needs. She was affordable and my pictures turned out wonderful. She did my ceremony, reception, and bridal portraits. I did the extra photographer and it was her and her husband shooting and they did not miss a beat!!!!  I'd highly recommend her - she was so easy and wonderful to work with.

Hamby Catering - 
WOW is all I have to say about Hamby!!!! The food that I had at our wedding was some of the best food I've ever had in my life. Their shrimp and grits are to die for... I have seriously had dreams about them and wish they had a restaurant so that I could have them again!!!  
We worked with Ryan and he was very helpful. He helped us plan, put a menu together, and suggested decorations, layout for the reception, etc. Even though he worked for the catering company, he suggested some folks to work with and since they all knew eacch other it was like we had 3 wedding planners which was great because we didn't have to do much!  I would HIGHLY suggest them, very organized and know how to get things done.

Other Brother Entertainmen/Two-Three Ways Band - 
We booked Two 3 Ways for our wedding.. I have mixed feelings about them. 
The positives: The band was wonderful, guests had fun and everyone was dancing. They played the perfect style of music for our wedding and were making sure that the guests had a good time. 
The negatives: They were a bit costly and the people at other brother entertainment were not that responsive after we booked them. One thing that bothered me a little bit was that the band said they would learn our first dance song and they completely botched it - part of me was upset about it because it was supposed to be a meaningful moment but my husband and I were laughing hysterically at the words this guy was singing so it kind of lightened the mood. 
Bottom line, the band was great and everyone had fun. They played exactly what we wanted to hear as far as music, but I would suggest making sure that your first dance song is a song that they know already or asking them to just play it on an ipod.

Inivitations - - 
I loved because you got to design your invites. They had tons of color options and font options. It was such an affordable way to do invitations but still have them look classy and expensive. 
I got the metallic paper after reading reviews from other people and I am so glad I did. My invitations looked like they should have cost about $5/each but were really way less than that! 
The value was great, but I would suggest ordering earlier than you need them. They took a little long to come in and when they came in, my rsvp date was so close that I couldn't use the rsvp cards. I emailed them about this and they quickly fixed their error and express shipped me new cards with a new date. 
Bottom line, great way to get invitations that look wonderful without spending a fortune. If they make an error, they are very prompt and willing to fix their mistakes. Great company!

My coordinator and florist were both reccomended to me from Hamby Catering - Sherry Ferguson & Lisa Ferguson. They did the sweetgrass roses and made my wedding just perfect. I'd highly suggest them too!!

Cake was from Michaelangelo's Kitchen - Jackie Story makes wedding cakes there. She was pretty affordable compared to other bakers in the area and her cake was simply phenomenal!! 

Venue - Magnolia Plantation - 
Magnolia Plantation is such a beautiful place. Jessica was very helpful in working with us - anything we needed we just had to ask and she would do the best she could to help us. The grounds were just beautiful, everyone commented on how lovely it was. We got married on the white bridge lawn and had our reception on the veranda of the house. Luckily for us, no one had booked the carriage house that weekend so we had it as a back up. 
The only knock I have on Magnolia is that there is nothing included in the price other than securing the venue on that day. Luckily we used Hamby catering, who had a lot of the rentals that we needed.
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