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South Carolina-Charleston

Acceptance rate in Charleston

What has been everyone's experience with percentage of acceptances/declines for a wedding in Charleston?  Most of my guests are from out of town, but I just don' t really  know what to expect given that Charleston is such a great vacation location.

Re: Acceptance rate in Charleston

  • kje120kje120
    edited December 2011
    We invited 156 and had 102 accept. Most of the no's were people who would have had to travel.

    You are always supposed to assume that everyone will come. Don't invite way more people than you can afford to pay for/fit in your venue or you might end up in trouble.  Just something to keep in mind.
  • edited December 2011
    I grew up in Charleston and am getting married in Charleston, but my fiance is from NY and so is his family. I assumed that because they were all from out of town that not as many people would make it, but from what I've learned about Charleston- people will come. Everybody wants to come to Charleston, so they will make an effort to get there. If you were getting married in the middle of nowhere, you may find more declines, but I'd expect at least 80% if not more.
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  • cougarettecougarette
    edited December 2011
    We only had about 50% respond by the RSVP due date.  After calling and emailing we had about 120/140 say yes.  Then the day of only about 100 came (ugh).  But we assumed 100% acceptance until the confirmed declines came in.

    I think part of the reason people declined was because it was a Sunday evening.  Most of our guests are in town.

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