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South Carolina-Charleston

Vendor Reviews - All Great!!

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My vendors were wonderful!  Everything about the wedding really went according to plan, and was above and beyond what I could have imagined.  Everyone on this list would receive an A+ rating and are very highly recommended!!


Chris and Cami Photography

Wonderful to work with.  Not only are Chris and Cami great photographers, but they are also great people.  I can’t say enough nice things about them, and their photos are beautiful!  Just book them early – we booked them in July 2009 for our October 2010 wedding.


SweetSmith Bakery

We decided to go with a small 2-tiered wedding cake, and had 6 other cakes and cupcakes as well.  They were fabulous!  Not only was Martha able to give them each their own ‘personality’, but they were delicious!  We went with the vanilla, chocolate, sweet spice, orange mist, and red velvet cakes.  In addition to having a table full of different cakes to look at (they were each decorated a different way), the guests enjoyed sampling all of the different flavors.  We ending up paying about 1/3 of what a normal wedding cake would cost and had tons of leftovers.


WildFlowers, Inc.

Also amazing!  Beth was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She had so many great ideas that I had never thought of, and I completely trusted her judgment.  Everything turned out perfectly and was so beautiful.  I loved all of the bouquets, the hanging lanterns, the wreaths….wow!  Her prices were also very reasonable since she works out of her home – much less than those vendors I got quotes from that have actual store fronts.


Hamby Catering

They are the best in town, in my opinion.  They are professional and do tons of weddings, yet their menu is varied enough that you could go to many weddings with their food and have a completely different menu.  The food was great, the staff friendly, and we had lots of leftovers.  Highly recommended!


Charleston Coach

We took a carriage from the church to the reception, and it was one of our favorite parts of the entire day.  It was relaxing and the driver was great.  We even had time to take pictures once we arrived at our reception with the horse and carriage.  In the end, this was our ‘splurge’ for the wedding, but was well worth it and really didn’t cost much more than renting a limo.  Plus they were able to come to Mt. Pleasant.  It was perfect!


Music by Request

The DJ was great!  We met with him twice before the wedding and he kept the party going and was very professional.  He had great suggestions as far as the flow of the reception was concerned, which was very helpful in the planning process.  Highly recommended!


Lauren Amos Designs

Got jewelry made for my bridesmaids, and it turned out great!  Not only did the color match perfectly, but Lauren made me several samples to look at so I had some different choices.  Everything came packed in nice boxes, and the prices were very reasonable.  The bridesmaids loved their jewelry!


Southend Brewery

We used Southend Brewery downtown for the rehearsal dinner and it was great!  Not only was the room on the 2nd floor spacious and able to fit everyone (40+ guests), but the food was delicious, there are great views out of the floor to ceiling windows, and the staff was very helpful.  They even had a projector and screen we were able to use for a slideshow.  Wonderful overall!


Holiday Inn Express, Mount Pleasant

This hotel was perfect for our guests.  It is only 1 year old, and is not your typical Holiday Inn Express.  My husband and I even ended up staying here for our wedding night and the night after.  We looked at hotels downtown, but were able to get a king suite at this hotel for less than ½ of what those hotels wanted, and the room was 4x as big!  Plus there was free breakfast and Wi-Fi.  Our guests were able to make reservations in our block, and got a great rate.  It’s a great hotel!



Tea Party Ribbons www.teapartyribbons.com

Got all of the ribbon for the programs and bubbles from this website.  They were super helpful over the phone as well.  (We went with a cranberry red, which can be hard to match).  Tea Party Ribbons had TONS of colors and widths, so it was perfect.  The prices were great, the shipping was fast, and they even labeled the ribbon samples for me.


Reaves Engravingwww.reavesengraving.com

Ordered my programs and napkins from this company in Laurinburg, NC.  They were great!  Not only did they have good prices, but they had lots of options and were very nice over the phone.  My proof and order arrived quickly and were perfect!


Labels By the Sheetwww.labelsbythesheet.com

Used this website for blank labels.  Not only were the prices good (much cheaper to print on your own, even if you mess up a few sheets), but the shipping was cheap and super fast.  They had many colors and shapes and sizes of labels to choose from, which was helpful.


Best Bridal Prices.com

I was a little skeptical about ordering from them since they are an online company, but ended up getting my veil and shoes here.  They were perfect and much cheaper than getting them from a boutique (the place I got my dress didn’t carry the veil I really liked).  I got my order in ahead of time, and the prices were very reasonable.


Fresh Impressionswww.freshimpressions.us

We used this company for our save-the-date magnets.  Not only were their prices much cheaper than other companies, but there were lots of design choices and the magnets were of good quality (not flimsy).  I requested samples and got them quickly and got a large number of them, and my order was perfect!  Highly recommended! (Note the .us and not the .com)


Bubbles and Glow Sticks

Ended up ordering these off of Amazon.  It was far cheaper than getting them out of a wedding magazine or wedding website.  No problems here, just be prepared to pay about as much for the shipping as you pay for the actual item, as you can find both bubbles and glow sticks really cheap!

Re: Vendor Reviews - All Great!!

  • Purple&7Purple&7
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the reviews!  Where was your ceremony and reception at?
  • UgaAli05UgaAli05
    edited December 2011
    Ceremony was at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian, and the reception was at Alhambra Hall.
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks so much! My ceremony and reception are at Alhambra. I am also using Beth and have booked a block of rooms at Holiday Inn Express. I'm glad that those worked out well for you. Any comments on Alhambra Hall? I know a couple of people who have had their reception there, but it's always nice to hear suggestions or comments. Congrats on your marriage!
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    I tried to get into contact with Sweetsmith Bakery, but the email came back returned. Do you have an email address for them?
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    Did you have a videographer? And if so, who did you use? I'm getting married in Orangeburg and am having a hard time find one. Would love to hear some recommendations!

  • edited December 2011
    I used Reaves as well.  I was also very pleased with the results. 

    Congrats on your marriage!
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  • UgaAli05UgaAli05
    edited December 2011
    Try [email protected]
    She's the owner and should get back to you quickly.  Their phone number is 843-573-2322 if that helps!
  • UgaAli05UgaAli05
    edited December 2011
    I didn't use a videographer - I just handed my cousin a video camera and told him to get the first dances, toasts, etc. :)  I just figured that I had a great photographer that would document everything, and didn't feel the need to have a 2nd person with a camera following us around!  Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  • UgaAli05UgaAli05
    edited December 2011
    Alhambra was great!  I went over the morning of and set up a few things (old pictures, bridal portraits, etc.) and was albe to store my guest book and favors in their back room.  (The drawers in the big dresser in the lobby were also great for storing things during the day, like our glowsticks for our departure).
    We did our room setup with the DJ against the lobby side wall and it worked out great!  I know sometimes people have the DJ or band against the other wall or in a corner, but there is a lot more room on the lobby end and you can still use all of the doors.  The dance floor space was fine and did not interfere with the kitchen traffic.  We had 2 bars out on the porch, which worked well.
    As far as which way to have the guests enter (that seemed to come up a lot), we didn't post any signs, so just let them come in how they wanted.  We ended up putting our favors and guest book upstairs, but thought about putting them downstairs at one point.  Had that been the case, we would have told the DJ to make announcements throughout the night to tell the guests to go downstairs to the lobby to pick them up and sign our book.
    Hope that helps - good luck with your planning!
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    www.winshipproductions.com/" target="_blank">www.Winshipproductions.com
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    For Videography, try Karen at Earthen Vessels Art.  She's an incredible multimedia artist--highly creative and she went to film school.  Located in Summerville, SC, she would probably travel for your event.

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