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Decorating the deck?!?!?!

I am at a crossroads about the deck portion of the rental venue.. I do not know what to do with the deck to make it look more home-y? I don't want to get a tent, as that would over extend my budget. I'm thinking of maybe using wicker furniture that I can find here and there, some high cocktail tables... I just don't want it to look RANDOM out there. Any suggestions?

Here is a picture of the deck....

Re: Decorating the deck?!?!?!

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    You could rent some lounge furniture...all white would look great because it would be so crisp and unexpected in that area...rustic but modern. I'd try a small lounge area in the middle, leaving lots of room for walking and place three high cocktail tables at the back of the deck; one on the far left, far right and then middle...still leaving room for people to just mingle and walk around. If it's an evening affair, don't forget a little bit of lighting to add to the ambience.
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