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Help with honeymoon plans?

Hey, I'm a July 2011 bride and I normally hang out on that board, but I am in need of some help planning our Charleston honeymoon. You guys probably get a lot of posts about that, but I just have a few questions since neither of us have ever been there before.


1. What's the best historic house? (we'll only have time to see one, maybe two)

2. Could you recommend some restaurants?

3. We don't drink, but we're looking for things to do in the evenings. So some non-bar nightlife?

4. Any dinner cruise recommendations?

5. Are all the carriage companies the same or is one better than the others?

6. Which beaches are the most secluded?

7. Any idea where we could rent jet skis?


Thanks so much ladies!

Re: Help with honeymoon plans?

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    1. Aiken Rhett and/or Nathaniel Russell. Both are run by Historic Charleston, so you can get discounted tix if you do both, and they both show completely different sides of Charleston history/preservation.
    2. Carolina's, Poogan's Porch, High Cotton, Fleet Landing, take your pick, there are tons of great restaurants.  Those are some of the nicer (more expensive, except Fleet) and very romantic.  Fleet is basically the only place in downtown that is on the waterfront.
    3. Just wander East Bay at Market area, there are plenty of places you can stop in and check out.
    4. No help here, never been on one.
    5. Mostly they are all the same but if you go to this website then you can print out a coupon for one.  Just know that on the weekends when it is busy you may have a good 30mins-1 hour wait, but there are tons of nearby shops and restaurants and the market you can wander while you wait.
    6. Sullivan's is a great beach, over in Mt. Pleasant, but just know that you aren't allowed any alcohol on the beach.  Folly is the only one where you can have alchohol, therefore it is usually the most crowded in the area.
    7. Don't know about this either.

    Hope this helps! Have a great honeymoon!  I love this city!!!
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    1. Honestly, it's been so long since I've toured one, I'm not much help. There are three plantations a little outside of downtown Charleston: Drayton Hall, Magnolia Plantation, and Middleton Place. Magnolia and Middleton are my favorites and both have more to do than just tour the house.

    2. There are so many great places downtown, you almost can't go wrong. 82 Queen is one of my personal faves. Do not fall into the Hyman's Seafood trap- Hank's is actually way better. Hominy Grill has a really good breakfast. Coast is really good. Kaminsky's for dessert or Cupcake.

    3. Non-bar nightlife... hmm... every time I doing nightlife, I am going to a bar, so I don't know if I can be much help here, but like PP said, there are plenty of places to check out. Sometimes people are set up in the market at night, playing instruments and whatnot. Also, check and see if there are any festivals going on at that time. You could also look into going to a Riverdogs game (minor league baseball).

    4. Haven't done a dinner cruise.

    5. I think the carriage tours I have always been on are Olde South. They are the ones in the red barn and I believe their slogan is "just look for the red barn" or something along those lines. Even as a Charleston native who is obsessed with history, I have managed to learn something new every time I've been on a carriage ride with them.

    6. Sullivan's will be the most quiet, and there is a cool bar/restaurant called Poe's Tavern. They have really good burgers. Isle of Palms and Folly are going to be your more "party" type beaches. If you are willing to venture out farther, Kiawah is usually the most secluded. If you go to Folly, you should def try Taco Boy, although there is one downtown too.

    7. I know there are places that rent them, just have never used any of them. I am pretty sure there are some places by the pier of Folly that rent jet skis. 

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you need to know anything else. We Charleston girls are usually pretty hospitable, and you will find most people in the city will be willing to give you some good rec's on places to go/eat as well. Esp when shopping in the market, ask the vendors what places they suggest. None of them really have any affiliation with restaurants or other sites, so they will give you non-biased opinions.

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    1 - you can do Middleton Plantation - it is huge and the gardens are beautiful.  And you can also have lunch there in the main house. it will take a whole day - or just walk the battery - there are a number of homes you can tour there.

    2 - Depends what you're looking for and what price point - if you want to go high end, I suggest Cypress on East Bay or Peninsula Grill on the Market - Peninsula Grill has the most incredible coconut cake in the world - 1 slice will feed four people! And their muscovy duck is to die for. 
    If you're looking for Thai- you can't go wrong with Basil on King Street or for sushi, try O-Ku on King (pricey but great!)
    If you like oysters - try Pearlz on East Bay - great selection of oysters on the half shell plus other seafood items as well. Also Hank's is killer for seafood.
    Avoid Hyman's at all costs - all frozen fish - the line out front is created by the restaurant to get people to come in.  Want some good lowcountry food downtown - Jestine's on Meeting Street. Steaks?  Hall's Chophouse on King or Oak on Broad - Oak has a KILLER lobster mac & cheese!!!

    3 - Book a walking ghost tour or the pirate tour downtown - full of great historical information on the city and really cool! Also - indulge in dessert at Kaminsky's or Cupcake - or just pig out on pralines and fudge on the market - total sugarbuzz fun!

    4 - I've done Grey Line Dinner Cruises before - the food is marginal - you might be better doing a sunset cruise on the Palmetto Breeze - its a huge catamaran. They run on Mondays out of the Isle of Palms Marina and on Wednesdays out of Shem Creek at Red's Ice House in Mt Pleasant. - then you can go to a nice dinner afterwards.

    5 - I've pretty much done Old South carriage tours when friends have visited - they're very informative.

    6- secluded I'm going to give away my favorite place...Isle of Palms at 43rd St. Its residential- so you just park on 43rd street and walk up to the beach access path. We've been the only ones there on numerous occasions!

    7 - Rent jet skis at Isle of Palms Marina - can't remember the name of the place - just take Palm Blvd to 41st and follow to marina - they have signs.

    Be prepared - it gets really hot here in July and August! And congratulations!
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    I've been on a ghost tour before and that was a lot of fun.  I believe the market is open pretty late because I used to go downtown to go clubbing and still see people walking around and shopping. 
    Sullivan's Island is going to be the most secluded but there aren't going to be any bathrooms or anything.
    Folly Beach has jet ski rentals right around the pier. 

    Congrats on your honeymoon and if you need to know anything more, feel free to ask!
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