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Review of Duvall Events- Charleston Wedding 9/29 at Gibbes Museum

My now husband and I live in Chicago and our families live in South Carolina so we decided to get married in beautiful downtown Charleston.  We looked at a ton of venues and caterers/event planners.  We decided to go with Duvall based on their food (delicious) and the people that work there.  We worked with Shannon and Alicia and they were amazing!  They made the whole planning process as easy as possible. 

We had a cocktail hour and a buffet.  People went crazy for our food.  We had a meat carving station, a shrimp and grits station, a medditeranean station, and a "Lowcountry" station.  I had so many guests talking about how delicious it was.  We had the tasting and loved the food but wanted a few modifications, which they easily accomodated.  They were also quite flexible on bar choices and the minor changes made up until 2 weeks before.  Alicia really worked with us on this and she was absolutely on top of everything, any changes requested were made within 12-24 hours.  I can not stress enough how delicious everything was.  My mom and I were arguing about sit down vs buffett and they helped us come up with a seated salad and then the buffet.  The wait staff was fantastic.  There was one waiter who on top of his duties, made sure that my Husband and me were 100% taken care of during the night.  In addition, they sent us home with a great basket of leftovers.

As noted, we used Duvall for everything.  Shannon was our Designer and she had her work cut out for her.  I was very unclear of what I liked (I had colors and simple).  Shannon met with us as much as possible as well as over email passed on designs to really nail something down.  She worked within the budget and whenever I said "no" or "less" or "more" she was absolutely on board and never made me feel like I was being a pain, even though I am sure I was! 

Wedding Planning
Shannon at Duvall took care of this as well.  This was key for me since we don't live in town.  She did all the legwork and made sure that the day was going to flow.  We must have emailed 100's of times and she was always kind, funny, and on point.  I am a total A Type personality and Shannon understood that and was patient with my obscenely detailed questions.  We had a minute by minute timeline.  At the rehearsal she got my family and friends together to go through the ceremony twice.  This was not an easy task as my friends and family are quite loud and easily distracted especially since they flew in from all over and many of them hadn't seen each other in quite some time.

Duvall was fantastic.  I am SO happy that I chose them for everything.  I did not chose them for convenience, I truly liked every aspect of what they had to offer.  I would have picked different people for different things in order to have the wedding I wanted.  That being said, it ended up being an extra plus for having them do everything as it eliminated some steps.  They would have been fine if I picked different vendors for different things and they never pressured me to add different things or to spend spend spend.  Alicia and Shannon are absolute dolls!  I miss interacting with them because they were just such great people and so personable.  Absolutely on top of things and they excelled at everything.
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