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South Carolina-Charleston

What time of day???

I am getting married in Charleston, SC at the end of July!  Our ceremony will be outdoors but under a covered pavilion with fans and our programs will serve as fans too while my reception is in a ballroom indoors. I thought about having a later time wedding like around 6 or 7 but then i thought about doing it early around 1 or 2.  I dont want my guest to suffer in the heat.  Our other problem is that we are only serving finger foods not a full sit down dinner or buffet so we dont want to serve our guest during a scheduled meal time. HELP!!

Re: What time of day???

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    Those both seem like meal times to me. Well, maybe not 2:00, but 6 and 7 definitely are, and 1:00 is pushing it in my opinion. How long are you planning on your ceremony being? I'd probably go for 2:00 and try to keep it short. It might be a nice gesture to make sure water bottles are available either way, because it's going to be hot for sure.
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    I agree with Manda - 2:00 is your best option if you're trying to avoid a full meal service. But definitely have fans, water, etc. for your guests. It's going to be REALLY warm in July.

    HTH! :)


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    I am wanting an early wedding but i just dont want to burn up my guest.  I thought about the water bottle idea!  Our ceremony will defintely be very short maybe 20 minutes tops we would rather spend more time on our reception.
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    Yeah, 20 minutes isn't so bad. Sounds like you're going to make sure everyone is well supplied to keep themselves cool, too. So I'd say 2:00 is your best bet!
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