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your priceless pics?...any reviews?

I am looking for photographers and I was just wondering if anyone has used them. Their site has nice picts but was just wondering if anyone knew about them...thanks!

Re: your priceless pics?...any reviews?

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    $595 4 hrs. 2 photographers------we've been professionally doing weddings for 20+ yrs. now. Our quality, experience and pricing cannot be matched!
    We also offer you a FREE OFFICIANT!
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    They are actually doing my wedding and rehearsal dinner on October 15 of this year.  We have done my bridal portraits so far though.  So far, I can comment on the bridal portraits and they are PERFECT.  I showed them some photos of what I was envisioning and it came out EXACTLY what I wanted.  There were two photographers there and both of them were extremely patient and kind to me.  The price for what you get with these folks is VERY reasonable and the value is awesome.  They are flexible if you need to make payments on the balance owed also, which is really nice to budget.  They really do take amazing photos and I would totally go for it.  The only negative thing I can say so far is the attention to detail in correspondance back and forth.  I'm a big email person as my work hours prevent a lot of phone interaction.  I have had to wait a while for replies of emails and had to follow up on a few items to make sure they were with my schedule and what not.  I would just say that their organization factor leaves something to be desired.  It's been pretty annoying BUT, like I said, the photographs are fantastic ... you get a lot for your money ... and they really are genuinely nice people.  Just be aware that you may have to stay on their tails to get your questions answered and addressed.  After the wedding, if you're still interested, I can fill you in on the big day and how that went.  Good luck! 
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    I know I'm probably way too late on answering this question, but I have such an opinion on them it's impossible not for me to respond. We originally hired YPP for our wedding and then fired them after our e-pics for more reasons than one. When I first found them, I loved their style and their professionalism. They responded to emails within a few hours and answered all of my questions without any problems. So, we set up a test shoot with them and had some family portraits done. They were on time, brought all of their lighting equipment, and got us the pictures back within a few days. When they gave us those pictures, they were completely edited, touched up, and absolutely gorgeous. We ended up booking them on the spot...and that's when the trouble began. They started being super slow with returning emails. They either never returned them, or it took a week or more to hear back. I ended up having to chase them which started stirring up a bad feeling. It then took several months for us to set up our e-pic session. The first time he completely forgot and had to reschedule b/c he didn't have a sitter for his son, the second time I completely forgot, and then the 3rd time we got rained out and he called and canceled. Once we were finally able to set up the pics, I decided to test their "photojournalistic style" which they talk so much about on their website. So my FI and I set up a picnic with strawberries, champagne, etc. I wanted to have candid shots of that plus the standard posed shots. When we got to the location, there was only one photographer there with nothing but one camera and no lighting equipment. The no lighting equipment was normal for people who use natural light, but since he brought it the 1st time I expected it the second. Long story short, we completed the session and he said he would have the pics back to us within a week. 2 weeks later, I have to hound him to get them, and when I do get the pics I am APPALED. Not only were the pictures TERRIBLE, but he had done absolutely NOTHING to them. He claimed he did basic editing, but apparently that doesn't including cropping of any sort. He basically gave us every single picture that he took (including the ones that we should have never seen) and thought that was appropriate. Seriously, some of them were taken from so far away or so zoomed out that you could barely see us in the picture!!! NOT KIDDING!!! When I questioned this (again, it took a while before he got back to me) he said that I had to go through the pics, choose the ones we wanted, and then he would do further editing from there. Really?!? That's not how it worked the 1st time when we did the family portrait! So, I went back through the pictures to see which ones we liked, and seriously out of like 150 photos, there were like 2 that were salvagable. You read that right. TWO. So, I told them that I was completely unhappy and wanted out of my contract. He didn't try to talk me out of it and he basically stood by his work, but I'm sorry, I have a huge problem working with a photographer who obviously relies solely on Photoshop or Lightroom to make their pictures stand out and look professional. Our e-pics were nothing but snapshots that could've been taken by any of my friends who had a decent camera. I finally had to mention that I spoke with my attorney (which I totally did BTW) before he finally responded back to me and let me out of our contract. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I honestly believe if I had stuck with them, I would've ended up regretting it. 
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    Who did you go with instead?
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    Valerie Schooling (clicky).  I've done b-pics, e-pics, and bridals with her! Absolutely outstanding!!!
    My Food Blog: Slim Pickin's Kitchen Our Wedding Website Photobucket Anniversary Daisypath Halloween tickers BabyFruit Ticker BFP #1: Mother's Day 5/13/12...m/c Memorial Day Weekend 5/26/12 BFP #2: 2/16/13...Please, baby, please be a sticky *fingers crossed*
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    Oh yeah I remember looking at them. They were a little out of my price range. I did find someone else though. Thank you.
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