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South Carolina-Charleston

Vendor Reviews!

Venue- Alhambra Hall- A
Location was amazing, deposit was returned in a timely manner.

Photographers- Buddy Miles, Nicole Oellette (Amy Prikazsky) A++
Amazing.  Long story short Amy had a death in the family and was not able to photograph the wedding but she was amazing to find othe photographers.  I love Buddy and Nicole.  They were funny and made me at ease.  I've only seen a couple pictures so far but they are amazing.  I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Caterer- Tom Smith A+
Food was delicious! My husband (weird that I have on of those now) is still talking about it and everyone said that food was delicious.  Great Prices. He arranged everything with the rentals and was very organized.  Alhambra Hall was happy that we used them when we told them our vendors.  They also gave us a basket of food and champagne at the end of the night.  His bartenders were also great and always had a signature drink waiting for my husband and me.  They also did not have the tacky tip jar out.  The only bad thing that I heard was that there weren't plates for the hors dourves.

Rentals-Group Dynamics-B
They were on time for drop off and pick up but I heard that our chairs were dirty.  The bartenders and my mom's secretary (who we used as our day of) had to wipe down all the chairs.

Flowers-Beth at Wildflowers-A
Beautiful flowers.. on time for drop off and pick up. For some reason my husband didn't find the boutonnieres during the ceremony but we pinned the after-before the pictures. 

DJ- Jason with Jay Maxwell's Music by Request-A+
He was awesome, kept the party going all night.  He also gave us a CD at the end of our songs.

Transportation-White Tie Limos-B-
On time.  Driver asked where exactly Alhambra Hall was- AC was horrible- No champagne which I thought would have been waiting

Transportation-Charleston Black Cab-A
On time.  Driver was very nicer.

Hotel- Francis Marion-A+
upgraded our room to the penthouse.

Honeymoon- Paris- A+
Wonderful weather!! I miss it!


Re: Vendor Reviews!

  • edited December 2011
    I have to ask, did you wear Mori Lee #2401. Cause if so we are dress twins.
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    Do you have pictures of the wedding? I am getting married at Alhambra next June.
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    kd- I sure did!! I love that dress!
    woods- I have some pictures on fb from friends but I have not recieved my professional pictures. If you want to see those I'm Holly League- but I probably will have to confirm it for you to see them.
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    Well make sure you post more of your pro-pics when you get them back.

    I agree that was one of my favorite things about my wedding was that dress.
    She's filthy, it rained, so I still need to get it cleaned. And it was surprisingly easy to get around in.
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    Congratulations!  Seems like just yesterday we were waiting to book Alhambra together!  It gives me cold chills to think you're married now!  I'm so happy for you and Chad!  Congratulations, you looked beautiful! 
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    I'm using Tom Smith for my wedding this December, I'm so glad to hear that everyone loved the food!  Thanks for posting the reviews!
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    I just looked for you but couldn't find you. I will wait until you get your professional pics back to take a look. Just saw that you used Beth at Wildlowers. I am using her as well! Congrats on your wedding and thanks!
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  • cougarettecougarette member
    edited December 2011
    I'm excited to see more pictures too.  I loved Beth; your bouquet is beautiful!


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