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Rehearsal Dinner Trouble

I have a bit of a crisis when it comes to my rehearsal dinner!! My future in laws are from out of town, so they don't know anything about the Charleston area and told me to do what i wanted. Also they do not have a lot of money to help us with the rehearsal dinner.  My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding with my parents chipping in where they can, so theres not a lot of money left over.  I really want to give my wedding party a thanks for being there for us but theres just no funds.  Does anyone one have any suggestions  of inexpensive rehearsal dinner ideas!!! Please help if you can!!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Trouble

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    My fiance is from North Carolina & I'm from Charleston, so we are going to be doing a Eastern North Carolina meets South Carolina BBQ & Oyster Roast.  We are planning to rent a venue that is actually a pool house on Daniel Island.  It's only like $75 for the whole place and it already has tables, chairs, bathrooms, a fireplace, & a gorgeous view. I'm not sure if that's the price for residents or if it is for everyone, we haven't started planning too much yet since the wedding isn't until next October.  ButI know this from helping my girlfriend plan her wedding.   I suggest you check out poolhouses/clubhouses in neighborhoods because sometimes they are SUPER inexpensive.  My good friend had her e-party at the clubhouse in White Gables in Summerville and it only cost her $25 for the building for the night and agian it had tables, chairs, fireplace, etc and it was extremely beautiful!!! 

    Also, when it comes to food, luckily I have a lot of friends in food & beverage so I'm planning on seeking them out for the cooking however, if you keep the guest list small then you may be able to have your family make the food and serve it buffet style.  Also, my family is super southern baptist, so we will not be serving alcohol at the rehearsal dinner (totally are for the wedding though).  That'll save you a couple hundred bucks, right there.  If that's not your style, then I suggest making a big bowl of punch for the ladies (I made pineapple upside down cake punch for the e-party) and serving beer only for the men.  If I were you, I'd keep it as simple & elegant as possible.     

    Just some ideas...
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    We're doing BBQ & Oysters too.  Check out Bessinger's and Melvin's catering menus.  I've heard of people renting a room and have Stickey Fingers cater and that being reasonable too. Good luck!

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    Scamberlous, what is the name of the pool house on Daniel Island.  I think we might have our ceremony at Smythe Park and looking for something inexpensive for the rehearsal dinner.

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